How much is a 1913 Liberty Head nickel worth? has estimated the 1913 Liberty Head V Nickel value at an average of $3428950.00, one in certified mint state (MS+) could be worth $4,408,650.

Who owns the 1913 Liberty Head nickel?

collector Louis Eliasberg
The Eliasberg specimen is the finest known 1913 Liberty Head nickel, with a grade of 66 from various professional grading services, including PCGS and NGC. This coin was purchased from Newman and Johnson by the Numismatic Gallery, a coin dealership that then sold it to famed collector Louis Eliasberg.

Why is the 1913 Liberty Head V Nickel so rare?

Why the 1913 Liberty Head Nickel Is So Valuable These coins are not considered nearly as valuable as those produced in 1913 due to the fact that millions were produced each year. Green held all five of the Liberty Head nickels known to be in existence, but they were eventually sold off.

What Liberty Head nickels are valuable?

The Top 10 Most Valuable Nickels

Type Year Estimated Value
1. Liberty Head V Nickel 1913 $3,737,500
2. 7-D Buffalo Nickel 1918 $350,750
3. S Buffalo Nickel 1926 $322,000
4. Buffalo Nickel 1916 $281,750

What’s the rarest US coin?

Most Valuable Coins – Rarest & Highest Value US Coins Ever

Coin Value
Coin Value
1794 Flowing Hair Silver Dollar: Silver Plug (Unique and Extremely Rare) $11,484,401
1933 Saint Gaudens Gold $20 Double Eagle $8,644,632
1822 Capped Bust Gold $5 Half Eagle $8,158,110

Are 1964 nickels worth anything? has estimated the 1964 Jefferson Nickel value at an average of 5 cents, one in certified mint state (MS+) could be worth $43.

What’s the most valuable V nickel?

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  • 1.) 1913 Liberty Head V Nickel – Worth $4,408,650.
  • 2.) 1880 Shield Nickel – Worth $20,000.
  • 3.) 1924 S Buffalo Nickel – Worth $14,000.
  • 4.) 1926 S Buffalo Nickel – Worth $7,600.
  • 5.) 1927 S Buffalo Nickel – Worth $5,000.
  • 6.) 1881 Shield Nickel – Worth $4,000.
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What is the value of a 1913 V nickel?

However, an authentic 1913 Liberty Nickel would not be worn since they never entered circulation and there’s only five known to exist. All of them have a value of well over 3,000,000 dollars with two are proofs and the other three our normal or business strikes. Here’s an image of a authentic 1913 Liberty V Nickel that sold for $3,172,500.00.

How much is a V nickel worth?

The value of V nickels are $1 to $3. Also called Liberty Nickels, this price is for common date coins in “Good” or better condition. Hopefully your coins date back to the early years of mintage, containing many rare and very valuable dates. Nov 18 2019

What is the value of a Liberty Head nickel?

Like most coins in their first year, many of the no-CENTS Liberty nickels were saved by the public — that explains the relatively large supply of no-CENTS Liberty Head nickels in high grades. The no-CENTS Liberty nickel can be bought for around $5 to $8 in lower grades and less than $35 in uncirculated grade.