How much is a futon couch worth?

You can spend as little as $258. for a metal frame with a 6″ mattress or as much as $1000+ for a hardwood frame with a memory foam mattress and decorative cover. There are many mid-priced futons that are excellent quality that will last for years. Mid-range price for a futon would be around $500-$700.

What tools do you need to put a futon together?

In most cases, you will need 2 stretchers, 2 arms, a slat rack with 3 sections, screws, barrel nuts, sliders, clevis pins, cotter pins, and an allen wrench. Assemble the frame by connecting the stretchers to the arms. Place a screw through a hole in the arm.

What tools do you need to take apart a futon?

An allen wrench is key to keeping your futon frame tight and in excellent shape. It’s also key to taking it apart when moving….Futon Disassembly

  1. One roll of reg. 2″ W silver duct tape.
  2. One 4 mm Allen wrench.
  3. One standard pliers.
  4. Two [moving blankets] to wrap the arms.
  5. Two pieces of cardboard, ea. 11″ W x 36″ L.

Can you dismantle a futon?

A futon can be disassembled into small pieces and easily transported with minimal risk of damage (or injury.) A futon sofa disassembly can be accomplished with a wrench, pliers and tape.

Are futons hard to assemble?

Futons are great, versatile pieces of furniture, but it can be tricky to figure out how to put them together. By connecting the frame and then laying the slats or deck onto it properly, you’ll be enjoying your futon in no time! If you need further help, refer to the manufacturer’s assembly instructions.

What’s the average price for a futon?

The average futon mattress costs between $100 and $300; mattresses and frames are commonly sold together for $200 to $500, as well.

What’s a good price for a futon?

A futon with a hardwood frame and a memory foam mattress can cost you as much as $1,000 or more. The average futon is made with a wooden and metal frame, and they come with foam mattresses – sometimes with springs, sometimes without – and these usually cost around $200 to $300.

Who are the founders of the futon company?

Give The Futon Company a try. In 1993 Paul and Karen, two world travelling Brits founded The Futon Company in Fort Lauderdale. Their showroom soon became known as the place to go for exceptional style and friendly service. Their belief in the innovative possibilities of Futon Sleeper Sofas has driven their product selection since 1993.

Which is the best futon sofa to buy?

The best futon sofa to buy for a small space, as it folds out into a bed when needed. The best futon sofa to buy for a small space, as it folds out into a bed when needed. .

What are the instructions for making a futon?

It is important to follow the assembly instructions during the initial assembly including fully tightening all fittings. We strongly recommend that the fittings are then checked and tightened periodically throughout their life to ensure the best possible performance from your sofa bed/bed frame. How much self-assembly is required?

What are the assembly instructions for a Karup sofa?

Also Cambridge Futon wooden and metal futon frames both 2 seat and 3 seat. Assembly instructions for Innovation and Karup sofa beds. Also Cambridge Futon wooden and metal futon frames both 2 seat and 3 seat.