How much is a windshield for a 2013 Honda Accord?


Vehicle Part Quote
2013 Honda Accord Windshield with Lane departure warning system $424.00
2002 Honda Accord Windshield $355.75
1997 Honda Accord Windshield $338.47
2002 Honda Accord Windshield $355.31

Is Honda Accord 2013 a good car?

Available as a sedan or coupe, the 2013 Honda Accord is a decent choice in the midsize car class. It’s one of the more agile vehicles in the lineup, offering zippy handling and precise steering. While both of the Accord’s transmissions are decent overall, they’re not without issues.

What kind of antifreeze do I need for a 2013 Honda Accord?

Prestone 50/50 Coolant/Antifreeze.

How long can a Honda Accord 2013 last?

In fact, according to Consumer Reports, Hondas are one of the vehicles that last the longest. If they’re maintained properly, popular models such as Honda Accords and Honda Civics can last between 200,000 to 300,000 miles. With usual car usage, this means that you can use these cars for 15 to 20 years.

How big is a 2013 Honda Accord windshield?

58″ L x 27.5″ W
Dimensions: 58″ L x 27.5″ W. For Full Windshield.

Where do you put antifreeze in a 2013 Honda Accord?

Procedure to Add Coolant to a Honda Accord

  1. The radiator is at the front of the engine bay.
  2. Here is a photo of the overflow tank showing the MIN and MAX lines.
  3. Remove the cap on the overflow reservoir by unscrewing it and lifting it out.
  4. You need to be a little bit careful at this point.

How much coolant does a 2013 Honda Accord take?

Engine lubricant oil capacity: 5.1 liter / 5.4 U.S. qt / 4.5 imp. qt
Engine coolant capacity: 7.6 liter / 8 U.S. qt / 6.7 imp. qt
Fuel tank capacity: 65 liter / 17.2 U.S. gal / 14.3 imp. gal