How to open facebook share popup?

Click the share button top left of this page, and it opens a pop up window. If it opens too large, then use scroll wheel + Ctrl key to make smaller.

How do I use Facebook sharer?


  1. Choose URL or Page. Pick the URL of a website or Facebook Page you want to share.
  2. Code Configurator. Paste the URL to the Code Configurator and adjust the layout of your share button.
  3. Copy & Paste HTML snippet. Copy and past the snippet into the HTML of the destination website.

How do I open a URL with a popup screen?

Open Link in a Popup Window In order to open them in a new window, we add target=”_blank” attribute to links. However to open the links in a separate popup window, we can make use of the onclick property and specifying a inline JavaScript code window.

How do I create a pop up link?

In “When to show PopUp” block choose “Click on certain link / button / other element” radio button. Copy the shortcode from the first field of this option. Go to your post or page and select required text. Click on create link button in text editor and paste shortcode of popup into the URL field.

How do you get a sharer badge on Facebook?

The key step is in sharing the live post, is to set the visibility of the share to be “public”. Quite often, for privacy reasons, we may set our posts to be “friends” only. However, when doing a LnS, that “friends” only option becomes too restrictive, and facebook will not give the Sharer badge.

How do you share a Facebook post on your website?

Steps to Share Your Website to Facebook:

  1. Pick a page or blog post to share.
  2. Click on your “Share on Facebook” button.
  3. Decide if you want to share your article to your personal profile, fan page, or in a group.
  4. Write a little note to go along with your post and click “Post to Facebook”

What happens when you tap Share on Facebook?

When someone hits the Facebook Share button, they can publish a post that they’re interested in on their own wall, without having to copy and paste a link onto their Facebook profile. The Share button is one of the three engagement options that Facebook gives users to allow them to connect with people online.

How do I share a post on my Facebook page?

If you are going to share right to your page, just choose the bottom option, “Share to a page”. The window that pops up will ask you what page you want to share the content to, and will again allow you to add your commentary and choose whether you want to include the original post, or just share the link.

How do I open windows without pop-ups?

The better way to altogether avoid pop-up blocking in browsers is to open a new window as a result of a user action, but fill it with content later when ajax request completes. The following code shows how to correctly call window. open() to show a pop-up, which will not be blocked by the browser.

How do I open a pop-up button click?

How to Open Popup on Button Click- Step by Step Tutorial

  1. Step 1: Select a Business Objective & Popup Template.
  2. Step 2: Personalize Your On-Click Open Popup.
  3. Step 3: Set up Display Rules.
  4. Step 4: Integrate with an Email Service Provider (Optional)
  5. Step 5: Add Button with the Embed Code.
  6. Step 7: Get The Button Embed Code.

How do I open a pop up click?