How to set table specific column width in HTML?

you need to set a table width, by default the browser sets the table with at 100% of its with, and will try to fit all tds within that with, if you want to use a specific width, you need to also set a specific width of the table. just make sure that the width is enough to accomodate any padding, margins, or borders + text.

How to make a table with the same width?

So I have a table with this style: Which makes all columns to be of the same width. I would like to have one column (the first one) to be wider and then rest of the columns to occupy the remaining width of the table with equal widths.

What is the length of columns in CSS?

A length that specifies the width of the columns. The number of columns will be the minimum number of columns needed to show all the content across the element. Read about length units Sets this property to its default value. Read about initial Inherits this property from its parent element. Read about inherit

What’s the important thing about table layout in HTML?

The important thing of table-layout: fixed is that the column widths are determined by the first row of the table. Please look that we style the th not the td. Show activity on this post. Are you creating a very large table (hundreds of rows and columns)?

How to calculate the size of a table in CSS?

Example table { width: 100%; th { height: 70px; Try it Yourself ยป To create a table that should only span half the page, use width: 50%: Example

What is the CSS property for column width?

The column-width CSS property sets the ideal column width in a multi-column layout. The container will have as many columns as can fit without any of them having a width less than the column-width value. If the width of the container is narrower than the specified value, the single column’s width will be smaller than the declared column width.

What does the number of columns mean in CSS?

The number of columns will be the minimum number of columns needed to show all the content across the element. column-width is a flexible property. Think of column-width as a minimum width suggestion for the browser. Once the browser cannot fit at least two columns at your specified width then the columns will stop and drop into a single column.