Is a 361 degree shoe good?

The 361o Strata has a great feel. Its cushioned midsole gives a soft but responsive ride over all surfaces. The outsole is great on the roads and offers enough traction for trail running.

Are 361 shoes true to size?

Based on its official size chart, 361 Degrees shoes run true to size compared to most running shoe brands. But because there is no 100% guarantee, we suggest measuring your foot length and checking your 361 size in the chart below.

Who makes 361 running shoes?

361 Degrees International Limited (361°) is a Chinese supplier of shoes and sports goods, primarily in the China. As of March 2009, the brand had 5,543 authorized retail outlets in China. The company does not own any of these outlets. They are owned and managed by 3,031 authorized dealers.

Are Anta shoes good?

These basketball shoes get positive feedback for fit, traction, materials, weight, responsiveness, heel containment, lateral support, and impact protection. Still, the Anta KT 4 is a good performer; but when compared to other shoes within its price range, reviewers say that there are better options.

What is 39 1 2 shoe size in US?

Shoe size table

Foot length in cm D / EU shoe size US ladies shoe size
24,8 cm 39 1/2 7 1/2
25,2 cm 40 8
25,6 cm 41 8 1/2
26,0 cm 41 1/2 9

What is the best Chinese sports shoe brand?

As the leading domestic sportswear brands, Anta Sports and Li-Ning had 15.4 per cent and 6.7 per cent shares respectively of China’s sportswear and athleisure market, according to Euromonitor International, a market research provider.

What shoes do Chinese weightlifters wear?

This anta weightlifting shoes is very suitable for professional weightlifting players, which are China National Team exclusive training shoes and match shoes, you can wear this shoes to improve feet comortable.

What shoe size is 36 1/2 in US?

Shoe size table

Foot length in cm D / EU shoe size US ladies shoe size
22,2 cm 35 4 1/2
22,6 cm 36 5
23,1 cm 37 5 1/2
23,5 cm 37 1/2 6