Is Hostel compulsory in SRM University?

5.7 Hostel accommodation is mandatory unless the student’s parents are living nearby. The proof of residency of the parents will be insisted.

How is SRM Hostel?

The students staying at SRM hostels are provided with healthy and sumptuous food options at highly subsidized rates. SRM provides a comfortable and safe housing to all its students. The students housed in the campus are encouraged to use the gymnasium, playground, and all indoor gaming facilities.

Does SRM hostels have WIFI?

HOSTEL WI-FI TIMINGS • The Wi-Fi service is available 24×7. Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI), statutory body that controls the Internet Service Providers (ISPs.)

Is phones allowed in SRM?

Use of mobile phones inside the library is prohibited. The members are accountable for any damage caused by them to the books or other University properties.

Are mobile phones allowed in Amrita University?

Usage of mobile phones is completely banned on the campus. However, restricted use of mobile phones in the hostel may be permitted during specific hours.

Is there ragging in SRM University?

College/ University campus is a place to find valuable friendship and to cherish unforgettable moments. We, here at SRM strongly condemn any kind of ragging practices. Our students welcome the freshers with flowers and advices and they do not believe in violence or unhealthy practices.

Which is better SRM or Vit?

SRM is ranked 36 among university rank under MHRD NIRF ranking than VIT is ranked top 18. VIT is also ranked No. 1 among Institutions under ARIIA 2019. SRM was established in 1985 and VIT was established in 1984 with Engineering college named as Vellore Institute of Technology.

What is the fees of SRM?

Fee Structure – 2021-22

S.No. D I S C I P L I N E Tuition Fee per year (Rs.)
1 B.Tech.
6 B.Pharm. (Bachelor of Pharmacy) 100000
7 Diploma in Hotel Management & Catering Technology 50000
8 M.Tech. in Computer Science Engineering (Stipend Rs.12,400/- per month) 100000

Does SRM ramapuram have hostel?

Life in Ramapuram Campus Fostering a student-friendly atmosphere, our hostels provide the right ambience for learning, growing and making new friends. There are separate hostels for men and women, with all the necessary facilities.

Is there dress code in SRM University?

Shoes and Socks. Hair beyond shoulder length to be tied up….Code of Conduct.

Prohibited for Boys Prohibited for Girls
Tight fitting dirty jeans Sleeveless tops/ Shirts/ T-Shirts/ Revealing deep tops
Chappals Skirts, shorts, folded pants
Shorts/ folded pants Torn trousers touching the floor
Pony tails

Is the SRM Institute of Science and Technology a hostel?

We, at SRM Institute of Science and Technology (formerly known as SRM University), provide a wide choice in selecting the type or rooms in a hostel to suit every budget, with an aim of providing a decent stay and the best possible learning environment.

How to book hostel room online with srmist?

To log on to this Online Hostel Booking System SRMIST students can login with NetID credentials. 1. The portal will open as per schedule notified on website – KTR 2. By logging on and booking accommodation in Hostel, Students agree to abide by the Rules & Regulations of the SRMIST – KTR

What are the rules in a university hostel?

Smoking, consumption of alcoholic drinks and use of narcotic drugs in the hostel/University premises is strictly prohibited. Neither the students nor their visitors are allowed to bring or consume liquor, drugs, or any other intoxicants on the hostel/University premises.

What are the rules and regulations of Amrita hostel?

HOSTEL RULES AND REGULATIONS Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham, Amritapuri is an academic community in which all students, faculty, and staff share the responsibility for both individual growth and the continued welfare of the community All programmes at Amrita are residential.