Is Saumur France a nice place to live?

Saumur is a very attractive town with its white stone buildings, grey slate rooves and riverside setting, all topped of course by its grand chateau set on a hill above the town.

What grape is Saumur?

Cabernet Franc
Saumur is a French wine region located in the Loire Valley. The region is noted for sparkling wines produced by the traditional method, and for red wines made primarily from Cabernet Franc. The main variety in the white wines is Chenin blanc.

What does Saumur mean?

noun. mass noun. A French white wine resembling champagne.

When was Saumur built?

10th century
The Château de Saumur was constructed in the 10th century to protect the Loire river crossing from Norman attacks after the settlement of Saumur was sacked in 845. The castle, destroyed in 1067 and inherited by the House of Plantagenet, was rebuilt by Henry II of England in the later 12th century.

Is Saumur worth visiting?

Saumur attracts many French and international tourists. There are indeed many places to visit. The old town of Saumur is easily accessible on foot or even by horse-drawn carriage, with its lively streets and tufa facades. The region of Saumur is also famous for its wine and its vineyard.

Is champagne a Saumur?

Crémant de Loire is the go-to Champagne alternative for wine lovers in the know. Made from 100% Chenin Blanc, a Crémant de Loire retains all the classic zest and fizz of a traditional Champagne – without the hefty price tag.

Who built Chateau Saumur?

Theobald “The Cheater
History informs us that it was erected by Theobald “The Cheater”, Count of Blois, in view of protecting the monastery of Saint-Florent, a recent arrival on the site. In 1026, the Count of Anjou Nerra took hold of the château, which remained in the hands of the Counts of Anjou up until the 1203 defeat of John “Lackand”.

What is a chateau?

1 : a feudal castle or fortress in France. 2 : a large country house : mansion. 3 : a French vineyard estate.

Is angers worth visiting?

Angers is a great city. Beautifully located right at the banki of the Loire, with its formidable chateau looming over everything, it is definitely worth a stop. The chateau itself is a worth the stop. Huge and impressive, you can tour the gardens, church and otherwise wander around on the turrets and walkways inside.

Is Chinon worth visiting?

Only half joking, the Chinon nuclear plant is much more viewable than any in the U.S., from passing roads. While it is 100% worth visiting (elevator to the lower town), the castle at Chinon is a ruin.

Where is the commune of Saumur in France?

Saumur is a commune in Maine-et-Loire . This short article about a place or feature in France can be made longer. You can help Wikipedia by adding to it.

Where was the Battle of Saumur in World War 2?

During the Battle of France, in World War II, Saumur was the site of the Battle of Saumur (1940) where the town and south bank of the Loire was defended by the teenage cadets of the cavalry school, to their great credit and for the Honour of France.

Which is the most important building in Saumur?

Amongst the most important monuments of Saumur are the great Château de Saumur itself which stands high above the town, and the nearby Château de Beaulieu which stands just 200 metres from the south bank of the Loire river and which was designed by the architect Jean Drapeau.

How did the School of Saumur get its name?

The caves dug to excavate the stone have become tunnels and have been used by the local vineyards as locations to store their wines. Amyraldism, or the School of Saumur, is the name used to denote a distinctive form of Reformed theology taught by Moses Amyraut at the University of Saumur in the 17th century.