Is the Ektorp sectional discontinued?

It’s the end of an era at IKEA—and no, I’m not talking about the discontinuation of their iconic catalog (RIP). The company is replacing their popular Ektorp sofa in the United States and Canada, much to the dismay of devotees. Ektorp has skyrocketed to popularity, and it’s not hard to see why.

Does IKEA make the Ektorp sectional?

The Ikea EKTORP Sectional I had purchased retails for $799 plus tax which includes the slipcovers. I love the fact that you can also purchase another set of slipcovers to interchange them or to replace the old slipcovers.

How do you put the slipcovers on an Ektorp chair?

The Ektorp sofa (and many round armed sofas) are technically narrower at the base than at the armrests, which means that the bottom of the slipcover is also narrower than the top, around the arrmrests. To make things easier, put the slipcover on all 4 corners of the armrests first before pulling it downwards.

Is IKEA still selling Ektorp?

IKEA no longer sells the 2 seater Ektorp sofa bed (and by extension, no longer sells 2 seater IKEA Ektorp sofa bed covers) but just because it’s gone, doesn’t mean it’s forgotten. In fact, it’s our best-selling sofa cover of all time!

Is the IKEA Ektorp Comfortable?

Comfort. The Ektorp sofa is comfortable even after 2 years of use. The cushions have not lost their shape and it still provides a cozy spot to curl up. When it comes to the sofa with the chaise it is even more comfortable.

What fabric is IKEA Ektorp?

The cotton used in our covers comes from more sustainable sources, that means it’s either recycled or grown with fewer resources.

Should I buy an IKEA couch?

The interesting thing about IKEA sofas is some of them have way too soft and spongy cushions and others are too hard. At the end of the day, in my experience, IKEA couches (regular and sectionals) are not the most comfortable. They simply aren’t and it’s too bad. They look great.

What are the sizes of IKEA Ektorp sofas?

This post details each different measurements along with it’s sizes on each Ektorp sofa model. It will also cover all the measurements and images of the discontinued IKEA Ektorp sofas such as the 2 seater sofa bed, corner 2+2 sofa bed, chaise lounge with armrest (s), Tullsta armrest and 2+2 Corner sofa.

Are there any removable covers on Ektorp sofas?

The rounded edges and wonderful softness of our EKTORP loose cover sofas are not to be underestimated. With strong seams, removable cushions and washable covers, this is a durable sofa series that can withstand the wear and tear of life day after day, year after year.

How tall is the IKEA Ektorp chaise lounge?

Width: 252 cm Depth: 88/160 cm Height: 73 cm Seat height: 45 cm. IKEA Ektorp Chaise Lounge with 1 armrest – Discontinued 2012. Width: 84 cm, Depth: 166 cm, Height: 73 cm. IKEA Ektorp Chaise Lounge No Armrest.

What are the dimensions of an IKEA sofa?

Sizes are written as Width x Depth x Height – that’s the 2 widest points of the couch, the depth of the sofa armrest as well as the height from floor up to armrests (not to the top of the back cushions). Also note that these are the measurements of the Sofa and not the actual slipcovers it self.