Is there a pharmacy inside Miami Airport?

Navarro Pharmacy at Miami Airport.

Does Miami Airport have restaurants?

North Terminal, Concourse D – 2nd Level Departures by Gate D-23. Find your beach at Corona’s first flagship restaurant and sports bar in the United States. Open breakfast,lunch and dinner.

Is there a post office inside Miami Airport?

Miami International Airport features a post office on Level 4, with mail delivery and other standard postal services. Currency exchange facilities are available at Concourses C and D at Miami International Airport.

Can you sleep in Miami International Airport?

Good sleep options at Miami Airport are fairly limited. The airport tends to be cold and noisy, with little armrest-free seating options. If you’re looking for uninterrupted sleep, there is a hotel at Concourse E in the Central Terminal, and other hotels nearby that are connected by shuttles.

Are there any smoking areas in Miami airport?

Smoking areas are located outside the terminals on Level 1 (arrivals) and Level 2 (departures) across the street from Concourses D, E, F, H and J, and inside Concourse D at the TGI Friday’s smoking lounge near Gate D-36.

What terminal is American at Miami airport?

North Terminal
North Terminal (aka Gate D) American Airlines is the king of MIA and it shows in its splashy terminal. It currently boasts the most food options of any terminal in the airport, and worth the visit if hunger strikes.

Are there porters at Miami airport?

A porter service and luggage trolleys are available where required. Left-luggage lockers are no longer provided; however, there is a baggage storage facility in the Central Terminal, on concourse E (tel: +1 305 869 1163). A lost and found office is located on level 4 of the North Terminal (tel: +1 305 876 7377).

Does Miami International Airport have showers?

A. – Currently there are no shower facilities in the airport, except in some airlines’ clubs and lounges.

What can you do on a 6 hour layover in Miami?

Here are 10 Things to do on a layover at Miami Airport.

  • Eat up. Miami is known for its food and drinking culture, and that certainly extends to its airport.
  • Head to a lounge.
  • Go shopping.
  • Relax in a spa.
  • Zen out.
  • View some art.
  • Hug a Dog.
  • Explore Miami.

Which terminal is International at Miami?

International Arrivals at South Terminal will be processed at Arrivals J. Concouse J houses Air Canada, Alitalia, Austrian, Avianca, Caribbean, Copa, El Al, LATAM, Lufthansa, SAS, Swiss, and VivaColombia.

How far is Miami International Airport (MIA) from Tampa?

The total straight line flight distance from MIA to Tampa, FL is 200miles. This is equivalent to 322kilometersor 174nautical miles. Your trip begins at Miami International Airport in Miami, Florida. It ends in Tampa, Florida.

How big is Miami International Airport?

Miami International Airport (MIA) Miami International Airport (MIA), located on 3,230 acres of land near downtown Miami, is operated by the Miami-Dade Aviation Department and is the property of Miami-Dade County government. Founded in 1928, MIA now offers more flights to Latin America and the Caribbean than any other U.S.

What are the airports near Miami?

Major airports near Miami, Florida: The nearest major airport is Miami International Airport (MIA / KMIA). Another major airport is Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport (FLL / KFLL), which has international and domestic flights from Fort Lauderdale, Florida and is 28 miles from Miami, FL.

How many terminals does the Miami Airport have?

Miami airport features has 3 operating terminals (North Terminal, Central Terminal and South Terminal).