Is Trend Micro virus?

Trend Micro Internet Security (known as PC-cillin Internet Security in Australia and Virus Buster in Japan) is an antivirus and online security program developed by Trend Micro for the consumer market….Trend Micro Internet Security.

Trend Micro Internet Security 2008
Developer(s) Trend Micro
Type Antivirus
License Proprietary

Does Trend Micro have a free version?

The free trial of Trend Micro Security is good for 30 days. Once the trial period has lapsed, you can make sure your device stays protected by purchasing the full version of the program.

Does Trend Micro protect against hackers?

Trend Micro WiFi Protection on all 4 platforms: WIN, Mac, Android and iOS: VPN for public WiFi hotspots. Data Encryption. Web Threat Protection.

How is Trend Micro Internet Security?

Trend Micro Internet Security earned both excellent and poor scores in independent lab tests. It also aced our hands-on phishing protection and malicious URL blocking tests, but earned a low score in our hands-on malware protection test.

What does Trend Micro Security do for You?

ever-evolving threats Using advanced AI learning, Trend Micro stops ransomware so you can enjoy your digital life safely. It also protects against malware, online banking and shopping threats and much more. Top rated by industry experts, Trend Micro Security delivers 100% protection against web threats.

Is the Trend Micro Antivirus Good for Mac?

Is Trend Micro good for Mac? Yes, Trend Micro offers reliable antivirus protection for Mac devices. It makes a great addition to Apple’s already built-in security tools, and it provides solid real-time protection against Mac-based malware. Trend Micro’s Antivirus for Mac is good for protecting 1 Mac computer.

Is it safe to use Trend Micro malware scanner?

Overall, Trend Micro’s malware scanner is easy to use, effectively protecting my computer from malware, ransomware, phishing, spam, and all other kinds of cyber threats with no “false alarms”. When you open the Trend Micro Privacy tab, you’ll find several tools that are great at keeping your identity safe when you are online:

Is there a free trial of Trend Micro?

This plan is available as a 30-day free trial. It offers the same security features and comprehensive level of protection as Trend Micro Internet Security, plus: Password Manager — making sure your passwords are secure. Protection for up to 10 devices — PC, Mac, Android, or iOS. Again, you can select from a 1-year or 2-year subscription.