Is True Value solar still operating?

True Value Solar, once the biggest solar installation company in the country, is to shut up shop after its German shareholder decided to discontinue operations in Australia. German company M+W Group bought a controlling stake in 2011, and then completed the buyout in 2013, as part of its first push into Australia.

What happened Euro Solar?

In July 2018, one of Australia’s biggest solar retailers Euro Solar and its parent company P&N Pty Ltd went into liquidation, a move which will ‘orphan’ thousands of household solar systems. (To qualify for STCs, solar panels need to have been approved and validated by the Clean Energy Council.)

Is Euro Solar still trading?

Despite Euro Solar complaints being legendary in the industry, the company remains in business and still attracts customers because their prices are low. They even have a low price guarantee.

What happened to Solar Australia?

Solar Australia Pty Ltd (ACN: 129 328 490) placed in liquidation on 3 May 2018. Solar Australia are committed to promoting the benefits of solar power and battery storage to help customers recognise how a switch to clean energy can have a positive impact on both the environment and their power bills.

Who took over True Value Solar?

True Value Solar Is Owned By German Company M+W In 2011 the German engineering firm M+W purchased 65% of True Value Solar and in 2013 they acquired the remaining 35%.

How do I contact True Value Solar?

To ensure we providing you with the best Customer Care for your warranty claim or issue, please complete the form below. Address: 19 Fairleigh Street, Glenroy, VIC, 3046, Australia since this May, 2015. 1300 326 182; +61 2 9893 1826.

What happens if my solar panel company goes bust?

If the actual solar panel installer goes bankrupt, the lease contracts are considered assets and can be sold to other companies as part of the liquidation process. Whoever purchases them should notify you of this transaction and should help you with your solar power system.

How do I find a reputable solar company?

When choosing a solar or storage retailer and/or installer, it pays to do a little research. The Clean Energy Council recommends choosing an Approved Solar Retailer who has signed on to the Solar Retailer Code of Conduct and only uses designers and installers who are accredited by the Clean Energy Council.

Who is the best solar company in Australia?

Revealed: The Top (and Bottom) Rated Solar Companies across Australia

Rank Company Score
1 Infinity Solar 4.3099
2 Solargain 4.2742
3 Energy Matters 4

Who has taken over True Value Solar?

M+W Group
Purchase By M+W Group In March 2013, True Value Solar became fully owned by German-based M+W Group, after the engineering and construction firm bought True Value’s remaining 35 per cent shareholding.

Who took over verengo solar?

Crius Energy
Last week, Crius Energy, a large independent energy retailer, acquired the newly-bankrupt California solar installer Verengo. That’s the latest move by Crius in its steady march into the solar industry. Verengo was founded in 2008 by Randy Bishop and Ken Button and at one point had more than 1,000 employees.

What do you need to know about Ingenero software?

Ingenero delivers operational excellence through insight a service or as a software solution. Ingenero can be thought of as the “4th screen” company where your first three screens are your DCS system providing information on where you are and Ingenero provides the 4th screen showing where you want to be and how to get there.

Who is the CEO of Ingenero solar Australia?

The aforementioned move means that the company’s operation in Queensland is now in one location, and according to CEO Steve McRae this is in line with their growth prospects. The last three years in fact, Read more has seen the company reach new heights and increased their share in commercial and residential solar market niches.

Where is the Ingenero solar plant in Darra located?

In addition the company provides PV for both communities and customers. With more and more people asking for Ingenero solar quotes the company’s prospects are certainly bright. Their new 800 sq. m facility, located at 41 Bluestone Circuit, Darra, QLD, is bound to be the centre of the company’s rapid growth.