Was Roy Benavidez married?

Benavidez received a Medal of Honor and Purple Heart. He reached the rank of master sergeant and completed a GED and a college degree. Benavidez married his childhood sweetheart, Hilaria Coy and the couple went on to have three children together: Noel, Yvette and Denise.

Is Roy Benavidez true story?

Master Sergeant Raul Perez “Roy” Benavidez (August 5, 1935 – November 29, 1998) was a United States Army master sergeant who received the Medal of Honor for his valorous actions in combat near Lộc Ninh, South Vietnam on May 2, 1968, while serving as a member of the Army Special Forces during the Vietnam War.

Is Rambo based on Roy Benavidez?

At its 2019 convention in Milwaukee, LULAC unanimously passed a resolution to honor Benavidez by renaming Fort Hood after him. “He was the real American Rambo — not a fictional character, but a real soldier who saved countless lives at a great cost to his body and person,” Garcia said.

What is significant about Roy Benavidez?

The late army Master Sgt. Benavidez received the Medal of Honor for his heroism in the Vietnam War. In May 1968, he saved the lives of at least eight men during a daring rescue in the jungles near Loc Ninh, Vietnam, and was critically wounded.

How many times did Roy Benavidez get shot?

He was wounded 37 times but still fought on: Roy Benavidez, Medal of Honor recipient. He was wounded 37 times by bullets, shrapnel, a bayonet, and a rifle butt but his only thoughts were on those others who were hit on that day in May 1968. His actions saved eight other men’s lives in Vietnam on that day.

Did the United States lose in Vietnam?

The United States forces did not lose, they left. Usually, people affiliate the phrase losing a war to actual defeat. America never lost any major battles in Vietnam, yet the North Vietnamese lost many, including the 1968 Tet Offensive.

Where is Roy P Benavidez buried?

Fort Sam Houston National Cemetery, San Antonio, Texas, United States
Roy Benavidez/Place of burial
Benavidez often spoke at military bases, schools, and even runaway shelters on the importance of education. He died on November 29, 1998, and was buried at Fort Sam Houston National Cemetery in San Antonio; his funeral was attended by roughly 1,500 people.

Is Roy P Benavidez still alive?

Deceased (1935–1998)
Roy Benavidez/Living or Deceased

What would have happened if we won the Vietnam War?

So if the US had won, the Cold War would probably have ended a little sooner and the dawn of that unilateral superpower controlling things would have come quicker. In Southeast Asia, everything would be radically different – including a faster and more thorough confrontation between the USA and China.

Where did Roy Benavidez live as a child?

He and his younger brother, Roger, along with eight cousins, were raised by their grandfather, an aunt and uncle, in El Campo. As a young man growing up in humble surroundings, Benavidez shined shoes at the local bus station, labored on farms in Texas and Colorado, and worked in a tire shop.

When did Roy Benavidez get his Green Beret?

He finally got it on 24 February 1981. Master Sergeant (then Staff Sergeant) Roy P. BENAVIDEZ United States Army, distinguished himself by a series of daring and extremely valorous actions on 2 May 1968 while assigned to Detachment B56, 5th Special Forces Group (Airborne), 1st Special Forces, Republic of Vietnam.

Why did Roy Benavidez get the Medal of Honor?

He received the Medal of Honor for his actions in combat near Lộc Ninh, South Vietnam on May 2, 1968. Roy P. Benavidez was born in Lindenau near Cuero, Texas in DeWitt County. He was the son of a Mexican father and a Yaqui Indian mother. When he was two years old, his father died of tuberculosis and his mother remarried.

Where was Master Sergeant Roy Benavidez buried?

Master Sergeant Roy Benavidez was buried with full military honors at Fort Sam Houston National Cemetery.