What age is Bad Kitty books for?

The age range listed for this book is 9-12. While there is nothing at all inappropriate in the story; the clever humor and use of sarcasm is more likely to be appreciated by kids 8+.

What is bad kitty’s gender?

Kitty is the female main character in all of the Bad Kitty Chapter books and most of the picture books. Kitty lives in a small neighborhood with several other cats and dogs. She is very f eisty, and not very many people get past her in one piece. Kitty mostly sleeps all day and doesn’t seem to care about much.

What is the newest bad kitty?

On sale December 29, 2020, Bad Kitty Goes On Vacation will be the first original Bad Kitty story in full color. Alongside new editions of Bad Kitty Gets a Bath; Happy Birthday, Bad Kitty; and Bad Kitty vs the Babysitter, you won’t want to miss these bright new versions of your favorite feline’s adventures.

Does Nick Bruel have a cat?

He lives in Tarrytown, NY with his wife Carina and their lovely cat Esmerelda.

Why is bad kitty a banned book?

The Ehrhart School, which has students from Pre-K all the way up to 8th grade, denounced Bad Kitty’s alphabet-driven holiday story because it “promotes homosexual/lesbian couples.” Bruel briefly mentions a lesbian couple in his picture book which, according to The Ehrhart School, is unfortunately grounds to toss out …

What books are similar to Bad Kitty?

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Are male cats better for kids?

Upper left quadrant is optimal; e.g., male intact cats were better for a child’s positive reactions than female intact or female neutered cats).

What breed of cat is bad kitty?

Kitty’s friends Stinky Kitty – Stinky Kitty is a Persian who is always getting dirty and smelly. Chatty Kitty – Chatty Kitty is a Siamese who is the most talkative cat in the neighborhood. The translations of her speech are presented as footnotes.

What level is bad kitty?

Hack up those fur balls, sharpen those claws because Bad Kitty chapter books are coming your way!…Shop by Program:

Bad Kitty For President Series: Bad Kitty Chapter Books Bruel, Nick 9781250010162 Fiction Paperback
Reading Level 4.5
Reading Level 690L
Interest Level 2-5
Price List Price: $6.99 Your Price: $5.24

What should I read if I like Fly Guy?

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