What are nanomachines in Metal Gear Solid?

Nanomachine is the general term for a machine ranging in size from one micrometer (one-thousandth of a millimeter) to one nanometer (one-millionth of a millimeter) using MEMS (Micro Electro Mechanical Systems) technology.

What are nanomachines?

Nanomachines refer to robots that can perform tasks on a molecular level. The prefix “nano” describes the nanometer dimensions of these machines. The human body is filled with nanomachines, arguably making up most of its mass. A cell might be considered a nanomachine because it consists of nanoscale components.

What are nanomachines made of?

DNA nanomachines are nanorobots made entirely or partially of DNA. DNA nanomachines can switch between defined molecular conformations and can be used as sensing, computing, actuating or therapeutic nanodevices.

Do you have nanomachines son?

Senator Armstrong: “Nanomachines, son! They harden in response to physical trauma! You can’t hurt me, Jack!” The substructure of the universe regresses infinitely towards smaller and smaller components.

Who is Senator Armstrong?

Steven Armstrong was a United States Senator representing the U.S. state of Colorado, as well as a candidate for the 2020 United States Presidential Election. He was also the benefactor for World Marshal Inc., its de facto CEO, and its most powerful warrior.

Why does Armstrong call Raiden Jack?

Armstrong refers to Raiden as “Saucy Jack” before their final battle. This is a reference to the second letter the serial killer Jack the Ripper (Raiden’s namesake) sent to the British police stationed at the Scotland Yard during the time of investigation for the murders.

What are the nanomachines in Metal Gear Solid Rising?

Behind the scenes. The nanomachines featured in the Metal Gear universe are entirely fictional. Nanotechnology in the real world is predicted to be decades or even centuries away from the effectiveness portrayed in Metal Gear. Today, nanotechnology refers to the development of carbon nano-tubes, very simple molecules of carbon,…

What did nanomachine do to Naomi Hunter in Metal Gear?

Naomi Hunter underwent nanomachine treatment for her terminal cancer. Although unable to heal her completely, they had the effect of stopping or greatly slowing down the progress of the cancer allowing her to lead a normal life.

How are nanomachines used in the military battlefield?

In the nanomachines used in the military battlefield control system, ” Sons of the Patriots (SOP) ,” the user’s ID is embedded, which in turn was used to perform ID authorization for system-managed firearms and other such devices. These nanomachines were designed for use at a pressure of 1 atmosphere.

How are nanomachines used in the real world?

Nanomachines also made it possible to restrict the host’s actions, such as shooting a gun, and to stimulate the host’s muscle fibers using ciliary motility. They could be manipulated to reduce the effects of disease, though they were unable to directly administer specific medicines.