What are Oracle tablespaces?

An Oracle database consists of one or more logical storage units called tablespaces, which collectively store all of the database’s data. Each tablespace in an Oracle database consists of one or more files called datafiles, which are physical structures that conform to the operating system in which Oracle is running.

What are the different types of tablespaces?

There are three types of tablespaces:

  • Permanent. You use permanent tablespaces to store your user and application data.
  • Undo. A database running in automatic undo management mode transparently creates and manages undo data in the undo tablespace.
  • Temporary.

What is table space in SAP?

Definition. This monitor in the SAP/Oracle Database Monitor lets you display the tablespaces in the database, including history information. It uses a collector job to periodically retrieve data from the cluster table MONI.

Which are the mandatory tablespaces in Oracle 11g database?

Oracle comes with the following default tablespaces: SYSTEM , SYSAUX , USERS , UNDOTBS1 , and TEMP .

  • The SYSTEM and SYSAUX tablespaces store system-generated objects such as data dictionary tables.
  • The USERS tablespace is helpful for ad-hoc users.
  • The UNDOTBS1 holds the undo data.

How do I view tablespaces in SAP?

To check tablespaces do the following: Choose Tools →Administration →Computing Center →Management System →Control →Performance Menu →Database →Tables/Indexes. Alternatively, use transaction code DB02. In the Tablespaces section, choose Current sizes.

What is table space issue?

A tablespace is a storage location where the actual data underlying database objects can be kept. Once created, a tablespace can be referred to by name when creating database segments. Tablespaces specify only the database storage locations, not the logical database structure, or database schema.

How do I find my SAP database?

To check SAP NetWeaver version and the DB on which it is installed, click System → Status. To check the version of SAP NetWeaver system, click the magnifying glass. You can see the Database version – HDB Release 1.0 SPS 11.

Are there old tablespaces in the sap database?

After system upgrade, old tablespaces with the old release name, example PSAP 620 and PSAP 700 exist at the database. Please refer the following flowchart for more details.

How to check tablespace in Oracle-size, free space?

Starting Oracle 10G, Oracle records tablespaces usage (allocated, used etc.) in AWR which can be retrieved by querying the data dictionary view dba_hist_tbspc_space_usage. We can use below script view the history of tablespace (s) usage and predict the expected growth for the future. This script is based on AWR.

Where do I find the TabSpace assignment in SAP?

The TSORA table contains the ‘table tablespace -> index tablespace’ assignment. The TAORA (tables) or IAORA (indexes) tables contain the ‘ data class (TABART) -> tablespace (TABSPACE)’ assignment. The DD09L table contains data class (TABART) for all objects (TABNAME) with technical settings. 4.

Which is Tsora table contains the TabSpace assignment?

The TSORA table contains the ‘table tablespace -> index tablespace’ assignment. The TAORA (tables) or IAORA (indexes) tables contain the ‘ data class (TABART) -> tablespace (TABSPACE)’ assignment.