What are the different parts of digital theodolite?

Theodolite consists of some main parts, such as:

  • Telescope.
  • Horizontal plate (Circle)
  • Vertical Circle.
  • Index frame.
  • The standards.
  • The upper plate.
  • The lower pale.

What is the main part of electronic digital theodolite?

A digital theodolite consists of a telescope that is mounted on a base. A sight on the top of the telescope is used to align the target. The object in focus is made clear by using a focusing knob. The eyepiece of the telescope is used to find the target.

What is digital theodolite?

Digital theodolites consist of a telescope that is mounted on a base, as well as an electronic readout screen that is used to display horizontal and vertical angles. Digital theodolites are convenient because the digital readouts take the place of traditional graduated circles and this creates more accurate readings.

What is the component of theodolite?


What is collimation line?

Line of collimation : Line joining the intersection of the cross-hairs to the optical center of the objective and its continuation. It is also know as Line of sight.

What is digital Planimeter?

An instrument used to measure the areas of maps or planes and flat surfaces in general. It is called a mechanical integrator and has a tracing point that performs double measurement of the perimeter of the relevant surfaces.

What are digital levels?

A digital level is an instrument that can be used to perform advanced levelling work, automatic height calculations and basic construction work. It uses gravity as its reference point and reads bar-code scales from a bar-coded staff to capture extremely accurate readings.

What is the principle of Tacheometry?

The main principle of Tacheometry is based on the basic principle of isosceles triangle. In any two side equal triangle means isoceles triangle, there is one property which is used in the Tacheometry. Ratio of the perpendicular to vertex on their base and their base is always constant in isoceles triangle.

What is the main idea of the first principle of surveying?

GENERAL PRINCIPLE OF SURVEYING According to the first principle, the whole area is first enclosed by main stations (i.e. controlling stations) and main survey lines (i.e. controlling lines). The area is then divided into a number of parts by forming well conditioned triangles.

What is difference between line of sight and line of collimation?

Line of collimation : Line joining the intersection of the cross-hairs to the optical center of the objective and its continuation. Line of sight : is defined as the intersection of the cross hairs and the optical centre of the objective lens.

What are the features of a digital theodolite?

Digital Theodolite •All the parameters required to be observed during surveying can be obtained. •The value of observation gets displayed in a viewing panel. •The precision of this type of instrument varies in the order of 0.1″ to 10″. Digital Theodolite The important features of total station are:

How are the theodolite parts attached to the telescope?

These theodolite parts are rigidly attached to the telescope and moves with the movement or rotation of the telescope. It has two verniers C and D, and the circle is silvered and divided into four quadrants.

What are the different types of theodolites?

Depending upon the constituent parts of a theodolite, the theodolite can be classified into digital theodolite and non-digital theodolite. The non-digital theodolite is the ancient or the traditional type of theodolites. This type of theodolite is manual and is rarely used nowadays.

When to use the total station and theodolite?

Both the total station and theodolite are devices for the measurement of vertical and horizontal angles during engineering projects and surveying. Each has specific characteristics due to which they are used. The factors of time, expertise available, and cost will determine the use of either of these instruments. Modern Surveying Instruments