What can be in the same tank as turtles?

I like sucker fishes like Plecos for putting in my turtle tank. Plecos live on algae and they can grow up to 12 inches long, almost as same as the turtle. so, they are safe from turtles. When choosing a fish, keep in mind that it is better if the fish is as same size if not larger than the turtle.

What cichlids can live with turtles?

Several species of Lake Malawi cichlids are large and aggressive enough to share a vivarium with aquatic turtles. This is an electric yellow Labidochromis caeruleus.

Can 2 turtles be in the same tank?

Turtles of different species, in most cases, should not share a tank. While turtles of varying species can be tranquil together, the potential problem is a health matter. If one turtle comes from a different area than another, one might be invulnerable to ailments the other carries.

Can 2 turtles live in the same tank?

The gender of your turtles plays an important part in whether they can be housed together. So, it’s best not to house multiple male turtles in the same tank, but two female turtles can get along just fine. A male and female turtle housed together is most likely not a good idea just because of the possibility of mating.

Can I put a turtle in my cichlid tank?

You picked a fish species that is intelligent, slender and speedy, such as tetras, zebras or yellow cichlids. Avoid pairing up turtles and goldfish or any other tropical fish species. Avoid any type of fish or creature that has the ability to injure, main or kill your turtle.

What makes a good tank mate for a turtle?

Tank Mates for Your Turtle Many often wonder what other living creatures one can add to their turtle’s tank. When thinking of tank mates many think of other animals that they would like to put with them because they think they have similar habitats in the wild or they will look cool together.

Can a tropical fish get along with a turtle?

Some tropical fish get along well with turtles but you need to be sure that their water requirements are in your turtles requirements range. I have some Cichlids with my turtles and they seem to be doing great. Some Cichlids are more aggressive than others and may kill other fish that you have in the tank with them.

What’s the best way to spawn a caudopunctatus?

Upside-down clay pots work well as spawning sites too. Just be sure to enlarge the drain hole to accommodate both the male and the female. One attribute that makes N. caudopunctatus particularly pleasing is that it is constantly patroling the tank with its fins erect, as if permanently on display.

What kind of tank do caudopunctatus cichlids live in?

Because of their small size, a matched pair can be kept successfully in a 20-gallon tank. As already mentioned, in the wild, N. caudopunctatus lives over a sandy substratum. Sand is likewise recommended as the substrate of choice for the aquarium.