What did Patton say about the French?

“I would rather have a German division in front of me than a French one behind me.” Read more quotes from George S. Patton Jr.

What did Patton say about fixed fortifications?

“Fixed fortifications are monuments to man’s stupidity.” “Good tactics can save even the worst strategy. Bad tactics will destroy even the best strategy.”

What army did Patton command in France?

the Third Army
At the start of the Western Allied invasion of France, Patton was given command of the Third Army, which conducted a highly successful rapid armored drive across France.

Where did 3rd Army land in France?

Normandy landings
Third Army Headquarters lands on French soil as part of the Normandy landings, which began on D-Day. Third Army activates and begins combat operations in Normandy, France.

What are the Germans saying in Patton?

The more Germans we kill, the fewer of our men will be killed. Pushing means fewer casualties. I want you all to remember that. There is one great thing that you men will all be able to say after this war is over and you are home once again.

What did Germany think of Patton?

Instead, says Yeide, the Germans viewed Patton “in the narrow context of armored commanders,” as a skillful tactical commander, i.e., an executer of the plans of others. He quotes General Gunther Blumentritt: We regarded general Patton extremely highly as the most aggressive panzer-general of the Allies. . .

Why is the 3rd Army Famous?

It is best known for its campaigns in World War II under the command of General George S. Patton. Third Army is headquartered at Shaw Air Force Base, South Carolina with a forward element at Camp Arifjan, Kuwait.

What did General Patton say to his soldiers?

The general didn’t sugarcoat what combat would be like for his soldiers. While movies and books tend to glorify war, Patton gave speeches to his men where he explained exactly what they faced: “You are not all going to die. Only two percent of you right here today would die in a major battle. Death must not be feared.

What was George s.patton’s most famous quote?

Give me a handful of Texas Aggies and I’ll win a war. If everyone is thinking alike, then somebody isn’t thinking. Never tell people how to do things. Tell them what to do and they will surprise you with their ingenuity. “War As I Knew It”. Book by George S. Patton. Chapter “Reflections and Suggestions”, 1947.

What did General Patton do in the Louisiana Maneuvers?

General Patton led the division during the Tennessee Maneuvers in June 1941, and was lauded for his leadership, executing 48 hours’ worth of planned objectives in only nine. During the September Louisiana Maneuvers , his division was part of the losing Red Army in Phase I, but in Phase II was assigned to the Blue Army.

What kind of Patch did Patton have on his shoulder?

The patch on his shoulder representing Third Army would soon be replaced by a red and white octagonal patch representing the Fifteenth Army.