What does Cloudian do?

Cloudian, Inc. is a US enterprise data storage company headquartered in San Mateo, California, with offices in Europe and Asia. It produces Amazon S3-compatible object storage software, scale-out file services software, and pre-configured hardware appliances.

How much does Cloudian cost?

Available as software-defined storage or pre-configured appliances, Cloudian delivers total costs – hardware, software, and support – to 0.5¢ per GB per month.

What is Cloudian HyperStore?

Software-defined Scale-out Object Storage Cloudian HyperStore® is a scale-out object storage system designed to manage massive amounts of unstructured data. This dramatically reduces the cost of data center storage while providing limitless scalability, extreme availability, and unprecedented reliability.

Who owns Cloudian?

“This substantial investment is strong validation of our unique and leading approach to enterprise on-premises storage and hybrid cloud storage,” said Michael Tso, CEO and co-founder of Cloudian. “The rapid growth of unstructured data is transforming the data storage landscape.

What is difference between block storage and object storage?

Compared to block storage, object storage is much newer. With object storage, data is bundled with customizable metadata tags and a unique identifier to form objects….Block Storage vs Object Storage.

ANALYTICS Customizable metadata allows data to be easily organized and retrieved No metadata

Is Clever safe?

Lastly, Clever uses industry-standard Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption technology to safeguard data in transit, while other security safeguards include: data encryption at rest, firewalls, and physical access controls to building and files.

What does S3 compatible mean?

The term “S3 compatible” means that the storage employs the S3 API as its “language.” Applications that speak the S3 API should be able to plug and play with S3 compatible storage.

Is SSD a block storage?

Since individual block devices such as HDDs and SSDs have only specific sizes and performance levels, storage companies created storage appliances that are composed of multiple block devices that can then be “exposed” to servers as a different number of block devices. These are called LUNs (Logical Unit Numbers).

When would you use block storage?

This structure leads to faster performance when the application and storage are local, but can lead to more latency when they are farther apart. The granular control that block storage offers makes it an ideal fit for applications that require high performance, such as transactional or database applications.

What is cos cloud?

Cloud Object Storage (COS) is a distributed storage service launched by Tencent Cloud. It has no structure restrictions and is accessible via HTTP/HTTPS protocols.

What is minio vs S3?

So, What Is Minio? The short and simplified answer is “It’s like Amazon S3, but hosted locally.” Minio is an object storage server that implements the same public API as Amazon S3. This means that applications that can be configured to talk to Amazon S3 can also be configured to talk to Minio.

Is wasabi built on S3?

Wasabi is built to be 100% AWS S3 bit-compatible (same AWS API constructs for storage & identity management). No need to change your S3-compatible application when using Wasabi.