What does flood the gates mean?

If an action or a decision opens the floodgates, it allows something to happen a lot or allows many people to do something that was not previously allowed: Officials are worried that allowing these refugees into the country will open the floodgates to thousands more. Allowing and permitting.

What are flood gates called?

Floodgates, also called stop gates, are adjustable gates used to control water flow in flood barriers, reservoir, river, stream, or levee systems. Since most of these devices operate by controlling the water surface elevation being stored or routed, they are also known as crest gates.

How do you use floodgate in a sentence?

1. Political changes in eastern Europe opened the floodgates to thousands of people who wished to emigrate. 2. His display of kindness to her opened the floodgates again, and she began to sob loudly.

Is flood gates one word or two?

flood·gate A gate used to control the flow of a body of water. Also called water gate. 2. Something that restrains a flood or outpouring: The ruling opened the floodgates to refugees seeking asylum.

Are levees man made?

Levees can also be artificially created or reinforced. Artificial levees are usually built by piling soil, sand, or rocks on a cleared, level surface. In places where the flow of a river is strong, levees may also be made of blocks of wood, plastic, or metal.

What does Protractive mean?

transitive verb. 1 : to prolong in time or space : continue. 2 : to extend forward or outward — compare retract sense 1.

What is the largest flood Defence in the world?

The Delta Works
The Delta Works in the Netherlands is the largest flood protection project in the world. This project consists of a number of surge barriers, the Oosterscheldekering being the largest surge barrier in the world, 9 kilometres (5.6 mi) long.

What are the advantages of flood walls?

Flood barriers protect against water entering into your property or land, significantly reducing the ingress of water, which will reduce the amount of clean up required after the flood water as disspated, reducing the impact or disruption of the flood on your home or business.

How do floodgates prevent flooding?

You hear a lot about MCD’s dams and levees. But floodgates are an important part of the flood protection system, too. Floodgates are built at the end of storm sewers. During high water, floodgates prevent river water from backing through the sewer into the cities.

Are levees good or bad?

Levees have been the nation’s most common method of flood control for much of US history, despite a major drawback: Levees protect the land immediately behind them, but can make flooding worse for people nearby by cutting off a river’s ability to spread over the floodplain—the flat, low-lying land beside the river …

Do levees stop flooding?

Levees may be used to increase available land for habitation or divert a body of water so the fertile soil of a river or sea bed may be used for agriculture. They prevent rivers from flooding cities in a storm surge. The banks form levees made of sediment, silt, and other materials pushed aside by the flowing water.

What do white stripes mean?

purity and innocence
The colors have a different meaning- . White: Signifies purity and innocence. . Red: Signifies valor and bravery.

When does an AND gate come to low level?

When both inputs are high, the output of the AND gate is also high and when either of the inputs is low, then the output comes to low level. At the end of the clock pulses in the above diagram, the output is at low level as both the inputs are low. We can design an AND gate by using diodes and transistors.

What does the word gate mean in the Bible?

(n. ) A large door or passageway in the wall of a city, of an enclosed field or place, or of a grand edifice, etc.; also, the movable structure of timber, metal, etc., by which the passage can be closed. 2. (n. ) An opening for passage in any inclosing wall, fence, or barrier; or the suspended framework which closes or opens a passage.

What does the Bible say about sitting in the gate?

There, too, people assembled to spend their leisure hours, Genesis 19:1. Hence “they that sit in the gate” is put for idlers, loungers, who are coupled with drunkards, Psalm 69:12. The woes of a city were disclosed in the mourning or loneliness of these places of resort, Isaiah 14:31Jeremiah 14:2.

What are the gates of eastern walled towns made of?

The gates of eastern walled towns were usually of wood, Jud 16:3, often covered with thick plates of iron or copper, Psalm 107:16Isaiah 45:2Acts 12:10, secured by bolts and bars, De 3:5 1 Kings 4:13, and flanked by towers, 2 Samuel 18:24,33. A city was usually regarded as taken when its gates were won, De 28:52 Jud 5:8.