What is a AA bra size?

If your bust size is less than 1 inch bigger than your band size, you’re a cup size AA.

What is a 34 AA bra?

For reference, any cup with a 34 band size is considered a “true cup” size. This means that a 34AA is in fact a AA cup, just as how a 34B is a true B cup. All bra sizes in the same row across share the same sister size, aka they’re all equal in cup volume.

Is bra size 34 big or small?

Bra Size Chart

Under Bust Size Bra Size Easy-Fit Size
30″ to 31″ 36 Small
32″ to 33″ 38 Medium
34″ to 35″ 40 Medium
36″ to 37″ 42 Large

Is bra size 32 AA?

On the contrary, the less the number of letter “A” in your bra size the larger it is. So 32A bra is larger than 32 AA….32AA Cup Bras.

32 AA Wacoal Bra 32AA – T-shirt-Bra – Panache Atlantis Alternative
32 AA Non-Wire Lace Bra 32 AA Petite Push-Up Bra

Is aa smaller than a bra?

There is a difference of between 2cm and 2.54cm (depending on where you shop) between each cup size, so an AA is an inch smaller than A and DD is an inch bigger than D.

What does the size mean on a bra?

Traditional bra sizes are a combination of letters and numbers. The number portion of the size (the 34 in 34C for example) represents your band size or the measurement around your rib cage just below your breasts. This is your band size. The letter portion of your bra size is your cup size.

Which is bigger 34aa vs 34A?

It is the same overall volume, but a different shape. A 30C will have a narrower chest that protrudes more, while a 34A has a broader chest and protrudes less. When you move down a band size, you move up a cup size to maintain the same overall volume. 34A = 32B = 30C.

What size is a womens 34?

Womens Bottoms

Size Jean Size Waist
14 32 34.5
16 33 35.5
18 34 36.5
20 36 38.5

Is size 32 AA small?

If you are wearing a 32A, this means you have a larger frame than someone who wears a 30A and a smaller frame than someone wearing a 34A. However, your breast sizes may be the same. Still, 32A breast size are considered small.

Is AA bra size bigger than a?