What is a good time for 100m breaststroke?

A 1:29 is a fair time, assuming that you are speaking of LCM. To compete in more competitive and higher-level meets, aim for times closer to the mid-low 1:10s. I would recommend working on starts, underwater pullouts, and open turns, as they are important parts of a good breaststroke swim.

What is the Olympic record for breaststroke?

Men’s records

Event Time Date
100 m breaststroke 57.13 7 August 2016
200 m breaststroke 2:06.38 29 July 2021
100 m butterfly ♦49.45 31 July 2021
200 m butterfly 1:51.25 28 July 2021

How fast does an Olympic swimmer swim 100m?

As of 2021, the world record for the 100-meter swim stands at just under 47 seconds, according to the Federation Internationale de Natation (FINA).

What is the world record for swimming 100 m?

Currently the mark is 51.01 which Trickett swam at the Australian Short Course Championships in Hobart, Australia in the summer of 2009. You can find a current list of FINA-certified world records, world championship records, and world junior championship records for the 100m freestyle here.

What is the average time for 50m breaststroke?

The average 30 sec per 50 yards master swimmer hits the water at around 4.7 miles per hour (6.9 ft/sec.) (2.1 meters/sec.). For a 50, this would be 21.4 seconds. Fact: The fastest breaststroker in the Olympics swims at 1.64 meters per second.

What is an illegal kick in breaststroke?

Back in 2004, the dolphin kick was completely illegal in breaststroke races. If you’re swimming the breaststroke, FINA wants you to kick like a frog, not a dolphin.

What’s the world record for the 200 m breaststroke?

^ Watanabe broke the Olympic record for the men’s 200 m breaststroke in the first semi-final of the 2016 Summer Olympics. ^ Seebohm broke the Olympic record for the women’s 100 m backstroke in the fourth heat of the 2012 Summer Olympics. ^ Mullen Jr., P. H. (1 May 2003). Gold in the Water. St. Martin’s Griffin. p. 41. ISBN 978-0-312-31116-2.

Who is the world record holder in the 100 m freestyle?

^ Sullivan broke the Olympic and world record for the men’s 100 m freestyle in the second semi-final of the 2008 Summer Olympics.

When was the first world record in swimming?

The first world record in long course (50 metres) swimming was recognized by the International Swimming Federation (FINA) in 1961, while the women’s world record times were officially acknowledged in 1958. In the short course (25 metres) swimming events the world’s governing body recognizes world records since 3 March 1991.

Who is the fastest swimmer in the world?

Long course # Time Name Nationality WBT 27.61 † Alexander Dzhaburiya Ukraine 1 27.49 Anthony Robinson United States 2 27.39 tt Ed Moses United States 3 27.18 Oleg Lisogor Ukraine