What is a knowledge management portal?

Knowledge managemen portals provide ready access to people, expertise, communities, collaborative content, structured data and rich media such as images and video. Search-based knowledge management portals enable users to discover and retrieve information to support their business objectives.

How do I create a knowledge management portal?

10 Tips for Implementing a Knowledge Management System

  1. Establish Your Goals and Objectives.
  2. Develop a Change Management Strategy.
  3. Determine Your Process to Establish a Foundation.
  4. Involve Leadership.
  5. Assess Your Current State.
  6. Establish Your Core Capabilities.
  7. Build an Implementation Roadmap.
  8. Implement.

What is a knowledge portal and their use in knowledge management?

A knowledge portal is an Internet-based computer program that constitutes a single point of access to organizational knowledge, integrating knowledge repositories, expert directories, collaboration tools, and other knowledge-intensive applications. Learn more in: Government Innovation Through Knowledge Management.

What is management portal?

The Portal Management tools allow you to create and maintain WebLogic Portal applications and resources. For Library Administrators, the Portal Resource tree provides you with a list of all of the resources that are available for administration and allows you to modify their properties.

What is a knowledge management plan?

A knowledge management (KM) strategy is a specific plan to help your organization manage information, data, and knowledge for the benefit of your organization and any stakeholders.

What are knowledge portals?

Knowledge Portals (KPs) are highly integrative Knowledge Management Systems (KMS) that promise to synthesize widely dispersed knowledge and to interconnect individuals in order to provide a ‘one-stop knowledge shop’.

Which is an example of a knowledge management tool?

Knowledge management tools are technology that helps teams gather, organize, and share information across a business and for its customers. Examples of knowledge management tools include knowledge bases, community forums, and self-service portals.

Which is the best definition of a Knowledge Portal?

14. | Knowledge Portal (KP) | Knowledge portal provides a single point of access to the tacit and explicit knowledge that support members of the institutions or organizations in all aspects of their learning, teaching, working, research and other activities.

What do you mean by knowledge management platform?

Knowledge management platforms (or knowledge bases ) are designed with best-in-class features to capture the information you need, verify and organize it, and make it easy to retrieve and share.

What is the scope of the knowledge management document?

The scope of this document is to define the Knowledge Management Process, and process inputs from, and outputs to, other process areas. Other service management areas are detailed in separate documentation. Knowledge Management Overview Knowledge Management Definition