What is a Seeburg jukebox worth?

Jukeboxes are normally selling for around $300 to $350 in good working condition.

What is Seeburg music?

A Seeburg Background Music record is a vinyl record of a non-standard 9 inch (23 cm)-diameter size with a 2 inch (5 cm) center hole. The operator was supposed to replace records in the system with new records of the same number (e.g. MM-125).

Is Seeburg music copyrighted?

Welcome to The Official Seeburg 1000 Site ‘The Seeburg 1000 Orchestra’ conducted by Sascha Peres’, featuring the 34 piece orchestra as recently recorded in Vienna, Austria on 22. Feb. 2018. All music under copyright by Seeburg Music Library, Inc.

How heavy is a Seeburg jukebox?


Model Symphonola 148
# Records 20
Produced ± 14.650
Dimensions (HxWxD) 1145 x 91 x 67 cm (57 x 36 x 26.5″)
Weight 147 kg (325 Lbs)

Are old jukeboxes worth anything?

A vintage jukebox in good condition should appreciate in value as nostalgia for the limited number of surviving machines keeps the market alive. The most sought-after examples are those made by American firms Wurlitzer, Rock-ola, Seeburg and AMi.

How much is a 1961 Seeburg jukebox worth?

Vintage 1961 Seeburg AY160 Jukebox

Price: $ 2,499.00
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Is Muzak copyrighted?

The word Muzak has been a registered trademark since December 21, 1954, of Muzak LLC, although it dominated the market for so many years that the term is often used (especially when used with lowercase spelling) as a generic term for all background music.

What jukebox was used in Happy Days?

1952 Seeburg M100C – This was the jukebox exterior used in the credit sequences for Happy Days in seasons 1–10. It played up to fifty 45 rpm records making it a 100-play. It was a very colorful jukebox with chrome glass tubes on the front, mirrors in the display, and rotating animation in the pilasters.

What is the most sought after jukebox?

Top 5 of the Most Expensive Jukeboxes Ever Made

  1. Rock-Ola 1414 President, 1942 – valued over €125,000.
  2. Gabel Kuro, 1940 – €103,000.
  3. Wurlitzer Model 35, 1936 – €66,000.
  4. Wurlitzer Victory Model 950, 1942 – €41,500.
  5. Link Autovox, 1927 – Around €35,000. This extremely rare machine stems from the early days of jukebox history.

What kind of invention was the Seeburg 1000?

(Above: A promotional flexi-disc record extolling the virtues of the Seeburg 1000.) At this layer of the background music archeology sits a microwave oven sized and shaped contraption that was probably the most BRILLIANT invention for it’s time.

Who is the conductor of the Seeburg 1000 Orchestra?

Streaming the Best of the “Seeburg 1000 Background Music Library” Playing 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. ‘The Seeburg 1000 Orchestra’ conducted by Sascha Peres’, featuring the 34 piece orchestra as recently recorded in Vienna, Austria on 22.Feb

When did the Seeburg 1000 dumpster stop being used?

But were also a migraine to repair.) The Seeburg 1000 was used from 1959 to the mid ’70s and was ubiquitous in department stores, supermarkets and restaurants of the day. Here’s a site with more info.