What is a table of contents graphic?

A Table of Contents (ToC) graphic is required for all manuscripts submitted to CCS Chemistry, regardless of article type. The ToC graphic serves to attract readers to an article by providing them with a simple and appealing visual overview of the article contents.

What is graphical table of contents GTOC?

A Graphic Table of Contents (GTOC), in other words, graphical abstract, helps readers to gain an overview of your article at a single glance.

What is a ToC figure?

TOC figures are small graphics that appear alongside journal article abstracts. Usually, it can be a structure, scheme, drawing, photograph or some combination. During a recent literature review, scrolling through hundreds of review articles on a new topic, I was pleased to see this alternative visual abstract.

What is graphic for manuscript?

Graphic for Manuscript You will be given the opportunity to input a figure caption and a tag for each graphic. The caption will be displayed in the PDF underneath the graphic. The tag will be used to link the graphic to the same word(s) in the text in the HTML version.

What is a TOC in publishing?

A Table of Contents image (TOC image) is a featured image we use to display on the journal homepage as well as in the Table of Contents of an issue or volume (see for example the current issue TOC of JMIR). The image (thumbnail) is intended to help promote your paper and to give users an added visual experience.

What is table of contents entry?

Every paper has a Table of Contents (ToC) entry. The ToC entry is the shortest summary of a paper, and is always freely available online for anyone to view. A good ToC image with an informative text will attract a lot of attention and increase the visibility of your paper. A short bold text is used as a “headline”.

How do you write a paper in ACS format?

How to Format Your Pages for ACS

  1. Font: for the main body of your writing you should always use an easy to read fonts such as Times New Roman or Arial in 12pt size.
  2. Margins: These should be set at 1” on all sides of the paper.
  3. Spacing: this should be set to double spacing throughout.

How do you create a graphic abstract?

The graphical abstract for a paper should: Have a clear start and end, “reading” from top‐to‐bottom or left‐to‐right….The graphical abstract should also:

  1. Use simple labels.
  2. Use text sparingly.
  3. Highlight one process or make one point clear.
  4. Be free of distracting and cluttering elements.

How many pages require a table of contents?

A clear and well-formatted contents page is essential as it indicates a quality paper is to follow. The table of contents belongs between the abstract and the introduction. The maximum length should be two pages.