What is SolMan used for?

SAP Solution Manager enables customers to manage their SAP and non-SAP applications in a better way. It allows to centralize, enhance, automate, and improve the management of the entire system landscape, thus reducing total cost of ownership.

What is SolMan server in SAP?

Advertisements. SAP Solution Manager is a platform to manage life cycle of your SAP solution in a distributed environment. The key features of SAP Solman are − It provides tools, methods, and process management content that can be used during preparation of business blueprint, configuration, and implementation.

What is the latest version of SolMan?

SAP Solution Manager 7.2
The current version of SAP Solution Manager is SAP Solution Manager 7.2, available since August 2016. Support Package Stack 10 for SAP Solution Manager 7.2 was released in December 2019, delivering new innovations based on customer innovation requests.

Is SolMan mandatory?

SAP Solution Manager is a fully featured IT management tool that can store details of your SAP landscape, other applications and solution documentation. Even if you don’t use any of the functionality in Solution Manager, it is mandatory for supporting and maintaining your SAP landscape.

How do I access Solman?

In SAP Solution Manager, to access My Home Work Center, you should be authorized for My Home. Using My Home Work Center, you can access all the key data related to other Work Centers in SAP Solman. Using hyperlinks, you can access the work centers that are assigned to you.

What is Solman ChaRM?

A. SAP ChaRM is tool delivered with SAP Solution manager that manages activities performed during a change from design to testing to final promotion to production system. It allows you to track change requests, transport requests in change management system in the entire business solution.

What is Solman system?

The SAP Solution Manager is a centralized robust application management and adminitration solution used to implement, support, operate and monitor your SAP enterprise solutions, SAP Solution Manager is a platform providing integrated content, tools, methodologies and access to SAP systems.

What is SolMan system?

How do you make a TR ChaRM?

Transport management tab will enable when you set ‘in development’ where you can create the transports. Now transport management tab will enable when you put in in-development status, than create transport clicking on Transport Request tab. Provide all inputs and click on create button.

How do I access a ChaRM?

Pre-requisite for Charm –

  1. Proper configuration of system in landscape using proper configuration path.
  2. See the RFC communication between solution manager and satellite system established.
  3. STMS configuration.
  4. Define transport routes between the systems in system landscape.
  5. Activate extended transport control in TMS.

How do you raise a ticket in SAP?


  1. Create a new customer or log in as an existing one on the SAP Commerce storefront.
  2. Navigate to My Account Support Tickets/Complaints.
  3. Hover over the Add New option and select the ticket type from the list of options available.
  4. In the Reason Category field, specify the reason for creating the ticket.

How does sap Solman work with SAP Solution Manager?

SAP Solman provides integration tools for SAP BASIS Administrators to manage underlying infrastructure and application and business processes. It reduces the amount of effort required to manage the centralized SAP and nonSAP systems. In a distributed environment, SAP Solution Manager is managing system…

Which is the best company to use for Solman?

YASH Technologies has seen the evolution of SAP’s offerings and has deep domain expertise in designing smart business cockpits with SolMan. These Smart Business Apps are real-time analytical applications that combine operational and strategic data from SAP’s Business Suite in a single cockpit.

What do you need to know about Solman 7.2?

In the planning phase, SolMan 7.2 highlights business and IT improvement opportunities that you can achieve as part of the S/4HANA transition. It includes information on implementation effort planning, custom code evaluation, and comprehensive testing plans. By leveraging this SolMan capability, an initial detailed project plan can be created.

Which is the best Solman for SAP’s / 4 Hana?

By leveraging this SolMan capability, an initial detailed project plan can be created. In short, SolMan 7.2 provides IT teams with all the tools required to test and deploy the SAP S/4HANA solution successfully.