What is the Euros song called?

We Are The People
What is the name of the song? The official title of the song for the tournament is ‘We Are The People’. Following the postponement of the 2020 tournament, the artists had to keep the song under wraps for two years. UEFA’s Marketing Director, Guy-Laurent Epstein hopes that it will bring “people together”.

Who sang Euro 2020 song?

Martin Garrix
BonoThe Edge
We Are The People/Artists

What is the official England Euro 2020 song?

Get a preview of We Are The People, the official song of EURO 2020, by Martin Garrix, featuring U2’s Bono and The Edge.

Does the Euros have a song?

‘We are the People’ by Dutch DJ Martin Garrix, featuring U2 duo Bono and The Edge is the official anthem of Euro 2020. The song was formally released on Friday May 14 in advance of the competition in June.

Does Italy have a Euro 2020 song?

The documentary reveals there was another song that proved the backbone to their European Championship. It’s called ‘Ma Quale Dieta’ and performed by Neapolitan artist Luca Il Sole di Notte.

Why is Euro 2020 not called 2021?

Why the tournament kept its name “This decision allows Uefa to keep the original vision of the tournament, which was set to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the European Football Championship (1960–2020). At the time, Uefa probably did not expect the 2021 tournament to continue to be affected by the pandemic.

What is the Euro 2021 theme song?

‘We are the People’ by Dutch DJ Martin Garrix, featuring U2 duo Bono and The Edge is the official anthem of Euro 2020.

Who wrote the Euro 2020 song?

The EdgeAlbin Nedler
We Are The People/Composers

Where are England’s Euro 2020 games?

England will face Italy in the final of Euro 2020 on Sunday after beating Denmark in the semi-finals after extra-time. The game at Wembley will kick-off at 8pm. It will be the first time England have played in the final of a European Championship and it will be England’s first tournament final since the 1966 World Cup.

Why is Italy the Azzurri?

It’s the national sport and there is enormous interest and pride in it and particularly in the Italian national soccer team, the ‘Nazionale’, more commonly called the ‘Azzurri’. They are the Azzurri because of the dark blue shirts – ‘Azzurri’ meaning ‘blue’ – which are their traditional colours.

What do Italian football fans shout?

Why do the Italians sing Seven Nation Army? The most common Italian chant is to a song you are more likely to be familiar with… Since the 2006 World Cup, Azzurri – meaning blues – fans have sang “Po po po po po po po” to the riff of Seven Nation Army, eventually becoming the team’s official song for the tournament.