What is the syllabus of SST of class 10th?

CBSE Class 10 Social Science Syllabus 2021-2022 PDF (Released on 31st March)

No. Units No. of Periods
I India and the Contemporary World – II 60
II Contemporary India – II 55
III Democratic Politics – II 50
IV Understanding Economic Development 50

Is SST reduced in class 10 syllabus?

Board has revised the Class 10 Social Science Syllabus which has been reduced by 30% of the original or full syllabus. Students must check this revised syllabus to know the list of topics to be prepared for the internal exams or the year-end board examination.

How do you write an SST Class 10 answer?

Try to attempt long answer type questions in points with writing details against each point. Try not to exceed word limits in your answers. Keep your answers concise and precise, with a good introduction and conclusion. Include diagrams and flow charts to make your answers look expressive and informative.

How many chapters are there in SST class 10th?

The NCERT textbook of class 10 consists of four different parts: History, Political Science, Economics and Geography, with the number of chapters being five, eight, five, and seven….

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What is the full form of SST?

In the Indian Education System SST stands for Social Studies. The subject contains multiple fields of social science and the humanities including geography, history, and political science. The purpose of adding the subject is to integrate several disciplines with unique methods and a special focus on concentration.

How many parts of SST are there?

The NCERT Class 8 SST syllabus is divided into three parts Geography, History and Civics.

What is Globalisation class 10th?

Answer: Globalisation is defined as the integration between countries through foreign trade and foreign investments by multinational corporations (MNCs).

How do you read SST?

Students can make learning Social Science fun by preparing charts and posters for important events, facts and figures, important dates, definitions, data, etc. They can practice map questions in free time also prepare bullet point notes chapter-wise which they can read on-the-go.

How can I write in board exam?

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  1. Set the priority. List out the questions which you are more confident about.
  2. Write a brief, to the point answers.
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  4. Choose questions wisely.
  5. Attempt all the questions.
  6. Don’t decorate the answer sheet.
  7. Space out each word.
  8. Don’t panic.

Is there any change in CBSE 10th syllabus 2020-21?

Key highlights of the Revised CBSE Class 10 Syllabus 2020-21 are: Syllabus of each subject reduced by 30% No reduction in units included in each subject. A few topics from each unit eliminated to reduce the syllabus.

Who is the father of SST?

David Emile Durkheim is considered the father of Social Sciences or Sociology for their remarkable works in laying a foundation on practical social research.

Which is the new syllabus for SST class 10?

The officials of CBSE have released the new Class 10 SST Syllabus 2021-22. Schools that are affiliated with CBSE should follow the prescribed SST Syllabus Class 10 by the board of CBSE. Social Science is one of the most important subjects in Class 10.

Which is the syllabus for Class 10 social science?

CBSE Class 10 syllabus of Social Science covers all the important topics and sub-topics related to the subject. The syllabus is framed as per the guidelines of the CBSE board.

Is there any change in CBSE Class 10 syllabus?

A. The officials of the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) have released the CBSE 10 Syllabus at the official website of CBSE – cbseacademic.nic.in. Candidates can download the reduced syllabus of Class 10 for all subjects from this page for free. Q2. Is there any change in CBSE Class 10th syllabus 2021? A.

Which is the most important subject in CBSE Class 10?

It is very natural for a student to feel overwhelmed but with the regular hands-on practice of the latest syllabus of Social Science CBSE board class 10, and dynamic self-assessment and improvement, you can achieve the desired success. Social Science is one of the most important subjects in the class 10 syllabus.