What tires will fit my motorcycle?

Motorcycle Tire Speed, Load Rating And Tire Size

Front Tire Size Conversions Rear Tire Size Conversions
100/90 MM90 130/80
120/80 140/80
120/90 MR90 140/90
130/90 MT90 150/80

How do I know my motorcycle tire size?

Making Sense of Motorcycle Tire Sizes

  1. THE FIRST NUMBER – WIDTH. The 130 indicates the width of the tire in millimeters.
  2. THE SECOND NUMBER – ASPECT RATIO. The second number, the 90, represents how tall a motorcycle tire is in relationship to its width.

How wide is a 130 motorcycle tire?

Tire Width Cross Reference Table

Permissible Rim Widths Metric Standard Inch
2.15, 2.50, 2.75 120 4.75
2.50, 2.75, 3.00 130 5.00
2.75, 3.00, 3.50 140 5.50
3.50, 4.00 150 6.00

What is the conversion for tire sizes?

The first number on a metric tire is the width in millimeters. Divide this number by 25.4 to get the inch equivalent as there is 25.4 mm in 1 inch. The third number generally preceded by an “R” is the wheel diameter. The sidewall or aspect ratio are used in metric tire sizes to determine the overall height of a tire.

Can I put bigger tires on my motorcycle?

If wider tires are approved for a motorcycle, it is usually permissible to increase by only one size designation. When fitting a larger tire, always allow for some tire growth from the new to used situation. All tires increase in size after they have been inflated and are run for a few hundred miles.

What is the most common motorcycle tire size?

Metric Tire Sizes: (Most Common Motorcycle Tire Format) 180/70R-16 : This is the number that you are looking for. The first number (180) is the width of the tire in millimeters. The second number (70) is the aspect ratio, which is the height of the sidewall.

Are Fat tire Motorcycles harder to ride?

Wide tires provide a smoother ride. They are more capable of absorbing the bumps on the road. Wider tires are great because they provide help with power transfer and help handle stronger motorcycle engines.

Can I put smaller Tyres on my motorcycle?

It is only recommended that you go up/down by 10. A. As one figure is a linear measurement and the other is a ratio they can’t be transposed. If you look at Bridgestone’s BT45s which are widely sold, the 130/80 x 17 is 638mm wide and fits rims between 2.5 inches to 3.5 inches with 3 inches the optimum.

Do motorcycle tires have to be balanced?

Motorcycle tires should be balanced at all times to keep drivers safe. A set of unbalance wheel will affect the motorcycle’s performance and might lead to an accident when neglected. Keeping your motorcycle tires balanced will also help keep them longer.

How big are the tires on a motorcycle?

Motorcycle Street Tire Sizes Conversion Chart Inch 2.75 / 3.00 3.25 3.50 3.75 / 4.00 Metric 80 90 100 110 Alpha MH MJ MM MN/MP

Is there a way to convert tire size?

So here you go. A tire size converter at your convenience everyday anytime you want. Just input either metric or inch measurements in the appropriate fields and click “convert” to instantly view tire conversions. You know what would be better?

How big is a 19 ” tire converter?

Tire Converter Chart for 13″ Wheels 19″ Tire Diameter 105/70R14 19.8X4.1R14 20″ Tire Diameter 115/70R14 20.3X4.5R14 125/70R14 20.9X4.9R14

What are the different types of tire conversions?

TIRE CONVERSION CHARTS Tire Rating (mph) (km/h) FType 50 80 JType 62 100 LType 75 120 MType 81 130 NType 87 140 PType 94 150 RType 106 170 SType 112 180 HType 130 210 VType 149 240 Z Type 149 + 240 + WType 160 270 Speed Rating Maximum Design/Test Speed Engine cc Front Rear Engine cc Front Rear