When did the takaful industry start in Malaysia?

The birth of takaful industry in Malaysia was shown by Takaful Act 1984 in November 1984. Furthermore, the development of takaful industry in Malaysia had shown a remarkable performance. Muslims have to do what Islam has asked and avoid what Islam has prohibited. In everyday life, Muslim has to deal with any business according to Shariah.

What did the Malaysian Takaful Act 1984 do?

The Malaysian Takaful Act 1984 acknowledges that takaful is a scheme based on brotherhood, solidarity and mutual assistance which provide for mutual financial aid and assistance to the participants in case of need whereby the participants mutually agree to contribute for the purpose (Hendon, Zuriah and Sharifah, 2009).

Is there a takaful insurance market in Malaysia?

Malaysian takaful growth rate is encouraging since 1984. However, when compared to the conventional insurance, takaful penetration in the market is still small. To ensure takaful become more relevant and always be able to compete with conventional insurance, public awareness needs to be improved.

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Is there any competition in the takaful industry?

Competition with the takaful industry is immense. resources and international network. On the one ii. Takaful operators must be able to effectively iii. The Malaysian government is committed to promote takaful hub in South-east Asia. Efforts are in place building. The takaful industry must chart clear venturing overseas.