Where is the Brunei Investment Agency located in Brunei?

The Brunei Investment Agency (BIA) is a government-owned corporation that reports to the Ministry of Finance of the Government of Brunei. Established in 1983, its offices are located in Bandar Seri Begawan at the Ministry of Finance HQ.

How many ministries does the government of Brunei have?

Ministries are the primary executive branches of the Government of Brunei. There are twelve ministries, which include: ^ “Sectors – Commonwealth of Nations”. Commonwealth of Nations. Retrieved 2018-01-16. ^ “GOV – Directory”. brunei.gov.bn. Retrieved 2018-01-16.

Where can I get FDI in Brunei Darussalam?

FDI Action & Support Centre (FAST) The Brunei Economic Development Board Level 4, Tower Block Ministry of Finance & Economy Commonwealth Drive Bandar Seri Begawan BB3910 Brunei Darussalam Email:[email protected]

How much has the Ministry of Finance and economy received?

The Ministry of Finance and Economy is pleased to announce that the total contribution received in the Fund as of 7th April 2020 at 5.00 pm, has reached BND 4,029,001.34.


Where is the Brunei sovereign wealth fund located?

BIA: Sovereign Wealth Fund in Brunei, Asia. Agensi Pelaburan Brunei (BIA) is a Sovereign Wealth Fund located in Bandar Seri Begawan Brunei, Asia, and was founded in 1983.

Where does the Sultan of Brunei own property?

The Sultan of Brunei, via the Brunei Investment Agency, owns two hotels in London, The Dorchester and 45 Park Lane, as part of the Dorchester Collection. A family from Brunei has reportedly bought 75 per cent of property along Queensway, the west London thoroughfare, in a series of deals worth around $775 million.

Where did Brunei Investment Agency buy Dorchester Hotel?

It has substantial investments in the US. Brunei investors bought The Dorchester on Park Lane in London in 1985 for US$50 million and in 1996 BIA formed the Dorchester Collection, a conglomerate of luxury hotels in UK, United States, France and Italy.

Why does Brunei have a sovereign wealth fund?

Another objective of the Brunei Investment Agency’s sovereign wealth fund is to accumulate savings for future generations, as energy resources are considered depleting assets that shrink to zero over time.

How to work with taqwa in Brunei Investment Agency?

Perform task at the highest level of competence with Taqwa, diligence and integrity. Respect each other, acknowledge and recognize contributions and value differences and diversity. Work together to achieve common goals.

Who are the Board of directors of Brunei Darussalam?

Dato Dr. Manaf started his career in Government service in 1990 and has served in various capacities in the Ministry of Primary Resources & Tourism, as well as the Prime Minister’s Office, and the Ministry of Home Affairs. He has also held a number of important posts at Universiti Brunei Darussalam and Brunei Economic Development Board.