Which is the last episode of Ben 10 Omniverse?

A New Dawn is the eightieth and final episode of Ben 10: Omniverse. It is also the final episode of the Classic Continuity . Continuing from the previous episode, Maltruant flees the scene on a chariot driven by a Time Beast. Before Ben and Rook give chase, Professor Paradox appears, informing Ben that he doesn’t have much time left.

How many Ben 10 series is there?

Television series Series Season Season Episodes Episodes First aired Last aired Ben 10 (2005) 1 13 December 27, 2005 ( 2005-12-27) Ben 10 (2005) 13 13 13 Ben 10 (2005) 13 13 13

Is Ben 10 a TV show?

Ben 10 is an American animated superhero action television series and a reboot of the 2005 Cartoon Network series of the same name which is served as a parallel world. The series premiered in Australia, New Zealand and Asia-Pacific on October 1, 2016, and premiered in the United States on April 10, 2017.

What is the name of the new Ben 10 series?

Power Trip (2020) Ben 10 is an American animated television series and media franchise created by Man of Action Studios and produced by Cartoon Network Studios. The series centers on a boy named Ben Tennyson who acquires the Omnitrix, an alien device resembling a wristwatch, which contains DNA of different alien species.

Who created the Omnitrix in Ben 10?

Creator of the Omnitrix and Primus, Azmuth (voiced by Robert David Hall) is a Galvan, the same species as Grey Matter, that first appears in Ben 10: Secret of the Omnitrix. Azmuth’s intelligent findings have made a respected scientist to even the other Galvan. He is also a trusted adviser among The Plumbers .

Who are all of Ben 10 aliens?


  • Wildmutt.
  • Diamondhead.
  • XLR8.
  • Grey Matter.
  • Fourarms.
  • Stinkfly.
  • Ripjaws.
  • Upgrade.
  • Ghostfreak.
  • Is the show Ben 10 any good?

    A good show for kids! Ben 10 is a really great animated series, and appropriate for kids 10 below, despite containing some violence, some adult jokes, and darker tone to some episodes, it is still appropriate for kids, considering there’s no sexual innuendo and kissing scenes like other animated shows.

    What is the full name of Ben 10?

    Benjamin Kirby Tennyson (alias “Ben 10”) is the main protagonist of the franchise, wielder of the Omnitrix, a powerful watch-like device that allowed him to turn into multiple different aliens. Gwendolyn Tennyson is Ben’s paternal cousin, a skilled sorceress who inherited her magical “spark” from her Anodite grandmother.

    What are Ben ten games?

    Ben 10 is America franchise video game that was created by the man of action and produced by the Cartoon Network Studios. This game consists of 7 different types of the games list in which Ben 10 – Food Bash, Ben 10 – Blockade Blitz, Ben 10 – Hero Matrix, Ben 10 – Power Splash, Ben 10 – Savage Pursuit,…