Who is AERONET and what do they do?

Aeronet has been a provider of air, ground, and ocean freight services since 1982. From our humble beginnings, we have grown into a globally resourceful logistics services provider.

Where can I download version 3 of AERONET?

The Version 3 databases are available from the AERONET and PHOTONS web sites. Version 2 data may be downloaded from the web site through 2018 and thereafter upon special request. New AERONET products will be released as new measurement techniques and algorithms are adopted and validated by the AERONET research community.

What do you need to know about AERONET freight services?

Tracking and Shipment Details include Origin, Destination, Milestones, and Proof of Delivery to always keep Aeronet clients and their business partners informed with the most up to date information at their fingertips. Across the nation and around the world, gain the competitive edge with Aeronet’s seamless and reliable transportation solutions.

Where are AERONET’s logistics partners in the world?

Aeronet also has 15 strategic international joint ventures with logistics partners in Australia, Canada, China, Hong Kong, India, Italy, Malaysia, the Netherlands, the Philippines, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, the United Kingdom, and Vietnam.

How many AERONET sites are there in the world?

AERONET consists of approximately 400 sites in 50 countries on all seven continents. The red squares on the map below indicate the locations of AERONET sites. Credit: NASA By providing accurate measurements from the ground, AERONET has emerged as the best tool to validate the accuracy of new satellite instruments.

How is AERONET data available to the public?

AERONET’s open-source approach to data collection and analysis has also aided its expansion. All data is relayed through weather satellites to a centralized database at Goddard, where it quickly becomes available on the Internet. “It’s always been important to me that AERONET data be freely available,” Holben said.