Who Is Moses Chan Wife?

Aimee Chanm. 2013
Moses Chan/Wife

How old is Aimee Chan?

40 years (April 1, 1981)
Aimee Chan/Age

How did Moses Chan and Aimee Chan meet?

The couple met on the set of The Hippocratic Crush, where she played the role of one of his mentors. A year later, they were caught in a “car shaking” scandal, in which Tavia was spotted having her head in Him’s lap in his car, leading to speculations that the two were behaving intimately.

How tall is Aimee Chan?

1.68 m
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Who Is Moses Chan’s father?

Chan Hung-lit
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Where is Bernice Liu now?

Liu is the CEO and director of Bellavizio, a wine company she founded in 2008. They produce wine out of Bordeaux, France, and Napa, California. Liu is the owner of WineMaven, an online community for wine enthusiasts.

Who did Moses Chan date?

Aimee Chan

Aimee Chan
Nationality Canada
Years active 2006-present
Spouse(s) Moses Chan ​ ( m. 2013)​
Children 3

Where did Moses Chan live?

Hong Kong
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How old is Bernice Liu?

42 years (January 6, 1979)
Bernice Liu/Age

Why did Bernice Liu leave TVB?

Liu left Television Broadcasts Limited (TVB) in 2011 to pursue a singing career. Liu was best known for her role as Princess Sam-tin in the long-running TVB sitcom, Virtues of Harmony, which was also her first role after joining TVB in 2001.

How tall is Bernice Liu?

1.71 m
Bernice Liu/Height

When did Aimee Chan pass her music award?

In 2007 Aimee was featured in TVB’s Children’s Music Awards. Upon passing her crown, Aimee reaffirmed her interest in design – stating that she intends to work on her own brand in the future. She starred in the highly acclaimed TV drama series: Best Selling Secrets.

Where to get the best Aimee Chan pictures?

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Where did Aimee Chan go to high school?

Aimee was born in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Her parents were immigrants from Hong Kong. She began her modeling career at the age of 16. She attended Woodbridge College in Woodbridge, Ontario. After high school, Aimee studied at the Ontario College of Art & Design. She graduated at the age of 23 and became a Graphic Designer.

When did Aimee Chan move to Hong Kong?

One year later, she entered a modelling competition and won the title. Later she competed in her first beauty pageant. Shortly thereafter, she moved to Hong Kong in 2005. She married Moses Chan in June 2013.