Who is Sivaji Ganesan father?

Chinnaiya Manrayar
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Who is Ramkumar Ganesan wife?

Meenakshi Ramkumar
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What Marlon Brando said about Sivaji Ganesan?

There is a famous quote by Brando, “Sivaji can act like me, but I cannot act like him.” Ramkumar said he cannot personally verify this since “my father was not someone who believed in self-praising”.

Who is Sivaji Ganesan daughter?

Shanthi Ganesan
Thenmozhi Ganesan
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At what age Sivaji Ganesan died?

72 years (1928–2001)
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He died at 7:45 pm (IST) on 21 July 2001 at the age of 72 just three months prior to his 73rd birthday for which he had special plans.

Why did Sivaji Ganesan declined National Award?

“Lobbying plays a major role in determining these national awards. Actors Sivaji Ganesan and Nagesh, known for their acting talent, were never given a best actor award,” he said. He went to the extent of saying that these awards should be abolished.

Did Sivaji Ganesan got National Award?

Ganesan is remembered as an iconic figure of Tamil cinema….

Sivaji Ganesan
Relatives Dushyanth Ramkumar (grandson) Shivaji Dev (grandson) Vikram Prabhu (grandson)
Awards Kalaimamani (1962) Padma Shri (1966) Padma Bhushan (1984) Chevalier (1995) Dada Saheb Phalke Award (1996) NTR National Award (1998)

Is Sivaji Ganesan dead?

Deceased (1928–2001)
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Who is Gemini Ganesan second wife?

Julianna Ganesanm. 1997–2005
Savitrim. 1952–1981Alamelu Ganesanm. 1940–2005Pushpavallim. ?–1991
Gemini Ganesan/Wife

Who is the father of actor Ramkumar Ganesan?

Ramkumar Ganesan. Ramkumar Ganesan (born 12 January 1952) is an Indian film producer and actor. He is the head of Sivaji Productions, a film productions company that has produced several films, particularly featuring his father Sivaji Ganesan or his younger brother Prabhu Ganesan.

How many children does Ramkumar Ganesan have?

Ramkumar is married twice. His first marriage was with Kannamal.They have 3 sons, Dushyanth who works with Sivaji Productions and has acted in the Tamil films Success and Machi ,. And twin children Dharshan and Rishyan.

Where did Ramkumar Ganesan go to college?

He graduated with a degree in Business Administration from Vivekananda College and began working at the production company Sivaji Productions established by his father. Ramkumar took over Sivaji Productions after his uncle V. C. Shanmugham had died. The company is being led by Ramkumar along with his brother Prabhu.

Which is the most successful movie of Ramkumar Ganesan?

The blockbuster Chandramukhi in 2005 remains the most successful film of his productions, where Prabhu played a pivot role. Aasal starring Ajith Kumar is another noted movie which was a huge hit. Ramkumar was born to doyen of Tamil cinema – Sivaji Ganesan and Kamala Ganesan as their elder son. He has two younger sisters and one brother Prabhu.