Who is the highest paid sonographer?

Some of the higher paying specialties include:

  • Neuro (brain) sonography: $112,000.
  • Pediatric cardiac sonography: $80,000.
  • Cardiac sonography: $79,000.
  • Vascular sonography: $68,000.
  • Ob/gyn sonography: $68,000.

What is the salary of a sonographer nationwide?

Geographic profile for Diagnostic Medical Sonographers:

State Employment (1) Annual mean wage (2)
California 7,030 $ 108,400
New York 5,970 $ 79,800
Florida 5,520 $ 68,010
Texas 5,380 $ 72,020

Is it hard to become a medical sonographer?

The requirements for sonography school include passing difficult courses in anatomy and physiology, mathematics and physical sciences. They must also complete months of full-time clinical training, often under stressful conditions.

How much does a diagnostic sonographer make per year?

Excludes “Cardiovascular Technologists and Technicians” (29-2031). Employment estimate and mean wage estimates for Diagnostic Medical Sonographers: Percentile wage estimates for Diagnostic Medical Sonographers:

How much does a diagnostic sonographer make at Lake Chelan hospital?

Radnet and Lake Chelan Community Hospital also pay on the lower end of the scale, paying $29.48 and $30.00, respectively. What Are Popular Skills for Diagnostic Medical Sonographers? Skills in RDMS, Obstetrics/Gynecology (OB/GYN), Sonography and Obstetrics are correlated to pay that is above average.

Where can I find employment for a sonographer?

States and areas with the highest published employment, location quotients, and wages for Diagnostic Medical Sonographers are provided. For a list of all areas with employment in Diagnostic Medical Sonographers, see the Create Customized Tables function. States with the highest employment level in Diagnostic Medical Sonographers:

What is the job description of a sonographer?

Job Description for Diagnostic Medical Sonographer. Diagnostic medical sonographers are responsible for conducting medical diagnostics using sonographs, as well as facilitating test results, preparing equipment, procuring medical testing supplies, explaining procedures to patients, and operating sonographs. Organization and close attention…