Who is the strongest dragon in Flame of Recca?

Resshin Ōka
Ōka as Resshin. As the eighth dragon, Resshin’s flame can engulf his opponent and either turn their soul as part of Recca’s flame or completely disintegrate the soul. This is Recca’s strongest move.

How old is hanabishi?


Recca Hanabishi
Age 16
Status Alive
Birthday July 27 ♌

Is Flame of Recca finished?

Though initially following the same basic storyline, the Flame of Recca anime series ends right after the Ura Butō Satsujin ends, while the manga goes on to include the subplot involving the Tendō Jigoku.

What is the ending of Flame of Recca?

Is Flames of Recca good?

Basically, Flame of Recca is a typical formulaic action 5-man-group anime. If a total sucker for shounen, than this is worth a fun ride, but when it is all said and done maybe should have been watching something better like Yu Yu Hakusho.

Is Flame of Recca complete?

Manga. Flame of Recca written and illustrated by Nobuyuki Anzai, was serialized in Shogakukan’s Weekly Shōnen Sunday from April 5, 1995 to February 13, 2002, with a total of 329 chapters.

What are the names of the Dragons in flame of Recca?

The eight dragons ( in order of Recca getting them) are: 1 Nadare- Fireball 2 Saiha- Fire Blade 3 Homura- Fire Whip/Strength 4 Setsuna- Fire Flash/ Fire Spray 5 Rui- Fire Illusion (not sure if Rui was first or Madoka) 6 Madoka- Fire Barrier 7 Koku- Fire Beam 8 Resshin/Oka- Transforms the dead into living flames More

What happens if Recca dies in flame of Recca?

Additionally, Recca has no actual form to his flame, meaning that the dragons are what gives him the powers which he weilds. If Recca dies with regret in his heart, then he will become the ninth dragon, a useless being with no power that will merely take up space in the arm of the next Flame Master.

What does nadare do in flame of Recca?

Nadare allows Recca to shoot multiple fire balls at once, the numbers increasing as he gets stronger. He has been shown to hide the fireballs in the ground then control them remotely at a later time, or increase the size of a single fireball to being even bigger than himself, and split it apart into many smaller fireballs for a surprise attack.

What does Madoka do in flame of Recca?

In the anime, it was broken by Kurei, but wasn’t broken in the manga. Recca uses this to defend against attacks. He can also use this to trap an enemy so they can’t move or to stop people from committing suicide. Madoka as a human is a chubby ninja that could create barriers.