Why are there no wide mouth canning lids?

The shortage in supply of home canning lids, also known as 2-piece canning lids, flats, or lids & bands or rings that began in 2020 is not over. Unfortunately, this shortage created a vacuum for some fraud in the production and sale of canning lids.

What size are wide mouth jar lids?

Regular Mouth 2.75 in / 7 cm
Wide Mouth 3.38 in / 8.6 cm

Is there a shortage of canning lids in 2021?

A recent conversation with a representative from the Newell Corporation (manufacturer of Ball, Kerr, and Golden Harvest canning products), indicates they are hoping for new shipments to go out toward the end of March 2021, but in limited quantities, and production will continue through the summer of 2021.

Do ball wide mouth lids fit Kerr jars?

all of the jar companies have both regular size and wide mouth. Kerr & Ball jar lids are interchangeable.

How big is an 8 oz jar?

Ball Regular Mouth 8 oz Jars with Bands & Lids

Jar Volume 8 oz
Lid Size Regular Mouth
Height 4 inches
Outside Diameter 2.75 inches
Circumference 8.13 inches

Do Ball jar lids fit Mason jars?

Available in regular mason jar and wide mouth sizes. Bands, caps and lids are interchangeable with Ball or Kerr jars. Regular Mouth Lids for preserving fit all regular mouth glass preserving jars.

Where can I buy canning jar lids?

Canning jar lids can be found most anywhere canning supplies are sold. Your local Ace Hardware Stores are a great place to find canning supplies. If you use a lot of lids and want to buy them all at once, ask for a discount.

Are Ball canning lids BPA free?

In response to consumer demands, major mason jar lid manufacturers in North America removed BPA from their lids. To be clear, all Ball and Bernardin branded lids being made as of 2015 and onwards will be BPA free.

How many ounces in a Wide Mouth Mason Jar?

Wide Mouth Mason Jar – 16 Ounce. Wide Mouth Jar features the world-famous Ball embossed logo, a two-part lid, and 16-ounce capacity. Display or store items, such as flour and sugar, spices, craft supplies, and more!

What color is a Ball jar?

Glass Colors. The great majority of these jars were made in bluish-aqua or “Ball Blue” colored glass (Ball Blue is the standard color of these jars, a somewhat “more blue” shade of aqua). Later versions (after circa 1936) were made in clear glass, and some (usually from the 1950s) in brown amber.