Why did the guy shoot up the movie theater?

According to Arapahoe County District Attorney George Brauchler, Holmes chose the Century 16 theater for his attack because he liked movie theaters and that specific theater had doors that he could lock in order to increase the number of casualties, as well as being in an area where police response would take longer.

Who is James Holmes and what did he do?

Holmes killed 12 people and wounded 58 when he opened fire during a midnight showing of “The Dark Knight Rises,” a Batman movie, in the Denver suburb of Aurora on July 20, 2012. Twelve other people were injured in the scramble to escape. He was convicted of murder and sentenced to life in prison without parole.

When was the Aurora Theatre shooting?

July 20, 2012
2012 Aurora, Colorado shooting/Start dates

Where is the Aurora Colorado shooter?

2012 Aurora, Colorado shooting/Location

Where is Columbine located?

Jefferson County
Columbine High School massacre/Location

How old is James Eagan Holmes?

33 years (December 13, 1987)
James Holmes/Age

Did James Holmes dressed up as the Joker?

James Holmes was not dressed as the Joker when he killed 12 people in a movie theater in 2012, but the potent rumor continues to provoke fear—and worries of copycats. Speaking at a press conference in Manhattan, then-New York police commissioner Ray Kelly said that Holmes had actually referred to himself as the Joker.

Where is James Holmes jailed?

Holmes, 29, is being held at the federal penitentiary in Allenwood, Pa., according to Federal Bureau of Prisons records. The high-security facility, which houses only male inmates, is located 165 miles northwest of Philadelphia.

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Where did James Holmes go to college?

University of Colorado School of Medicine2011–2012
University of California, Riverside2010Westview High School2006
James Holmes/Education

Who was the shooter at the Batman premiere?

Batman bloodbath: Masked gunman dressed as Joker shoots dead 12 in rampage at packed cinema. This is the grinning gun maniac who shot 71 people, killing 12, at a Batman premiere yesterday. James Holmes, 24, opened fire after hurling tear-gas into a cinema at Denver, Colorado.

Who was arrested at showing of Batman movie?

Minutes later, the police arrested James Holmes, 24, in the theater’s parking lot. “It was just chaos. You started hearing screaming. You looked up and people were falling. It was like a dream,” said Jamie Rohrs, 25, who was there with his fiancée, cradling his 4-month-old son, Ethan, in his arms as the movie began.

How many people were killed at the Batman movie?

At least 12 people were killed and 58 wounded, with witnesses describing a scene of claustrophobia, panic and blood. Minutes later, the police arrested James Holmes, 24, in the theater’s parking lot.

What did James Holmes say at Batman movie?

Witnesses told the police that Mr. Holmes said something to the effect of “I am the Joker,” according to a federal law enforcement official, and that his hair had been dyed or he was wearing a wig. Then, as people began to rise from their seats in confusion or anxiety, he began to shoot.