Why does Tarzan kills Kerchak?

Kerchak kills Tarzan’s father Kerchak wants the mysterious weapon John Greystroke (Tarzan’s father) has, so he goes into the cabin and kills him for it.

Does Tarzan kill Kerchak?

Following his battle with Clayton, who died in the confrontation, Tarzan heads over to a dying Kerchak, who is being comforted by Kala. Asking for his forgiveness, Kerchak, in turn, apologizes to Tarzan for not treating him as a part of the family. Take care of them” before he succumbs to his wounds and dies.

How did Tarzan kills Sabor?

However, before she can deliver the fatal blow, Tarzan comes in swinging on a vine, kicking the leopard backward. During the fight, Sabor scratches Tarzan’s chest almost into his heart and also slashes off the tip of Tarzan’s spear.

Who did Clayton kill in Tarzan?

Another reason for it being dropped was because it also contradicted Tarzan’s remark that he will not be “a man like him [Clayton]”, yet in this version, Tarzan kills 2 of Clayton’s henchmen, and ultimately kills Clayton by throwing the knife at Clayton, trapping him near the oil bucket where he dies in the explosion.

What is Tarzan afraid of?

Tarzan was an awkward kid trying to fit in with his ape family. When he was growing up, Tarzan had a childhood fear of the Zugor, a mythical monster said to live on Dark mountain. His second fear was that his mother, Kala would get hurt because of him.

What killed Tarzan’s parents?

While they may not be Greystrokes in the animated movie, like in the literature, Tarzan’s parents cast ashore in an unknown area of Africa with Tarzan after their ship is burned down. Although it is unseen on screen, they are killed by Sabor, as seen when Kala rescues Tarzan from her after seeing their bodies.

Does Clayton kill himself in Tarzan?

Tarzan tries to warn him, but in his rage Clayton accidentally cuts the vine he’s holding on to. He and Tarzan plummet towards the ground. Tarzan lands safely in the grass, but Clayton is hanged by the vine when it snaps his neck.