5 Top Reasons to Use Oil bunded Pallets in Hazmat Shipping

As an employer, you are responsible for the safety of your employees, vehicles, and goods. When you are involved in an industry of hazmat shipping, that involves the danger of hazmat spills, you need to walk an extra mile for the protection of your valuable assets.

To do that, people are employing numerous kinds of measures worldwide. One such measure is the use of oil bunded pallets to contain hazmat spills. The concept behind oil bunded pallets is simple, that is, it has a built-in steel or plastic tray that contains leaks, drips, and ruptures. One thing to keep in mind while choosing the Oil bunded pallets is that it has ample containment capacity to meet all your legal as well as personal requirements.

If we dive deeper into how they are used, it becomes a little more complicated. In any case, the purpose of writing this article is to make you understand why you should start using oil bunded pallets from somewhere like Storemasta for transportation and shipping of your hazardous chemicals or dangerous goods. Therefore, without further ado, let’s get into it!

1. Saves time

Hazmat spills are costly, risky, and at the same time equally time-consuming. When a spill occurs, it can take hours for things to get back to normal. Hence clean ups from hazmat spills are extremely time-consuming along with their costly nature. One can also not ignore their risky nature.

For instance, if an oil spill occurs in your warehouse, you will be stuck in a very challenging position. However, since you are responsible for the safety of employees, you would want to get things back to normal as soon as possible. If you have a bunded oil pallet, the spill pallet will collect all the oil, leaks, spills, and make clean-ups easier.

2. Improves your workers safety

Nothing is more important than human safety, but hazmat shipping is an industry that poses serious threats to the health and safety of the employees involved. While shipping hazardous materials, even a small leak or drip can be quite dangerous. So, it’s your duty to provide an environment as safe as possible for your employees.

An additional problem involved here is also the fact that it is not easy to detect such leaks, drips, and drops. Spill containment pallets would act as a line of defense, allowing you to work with confidence against such undetected leaks and drips.

3. Bunded pallets are easy to work with

One cannot ignore the fact that sometimes safety and convenience don’t go hand in hand, which further makes things complicated. But this is not the scenario with bunded oil pallets. They create a synergy between safety and convenience, making it a golden combination.

With bunded pallets on board, you can continue operations just the way you used to, with an added level of safety. It’s surely a profitable investment.

4. They are a great investment

Bunded spill pallets are a great one-time long-lasting investment. They are made up of durable materials that not only last long but also create an added level of security.

Usually, they are either made up of polyethylene or steel, both of which are tough and durable, best for the long term.

Moreover, they are an essential investment, check your state laws before making a purchase. Make sure you invest in the one that is suitable according to your requirements as well as the stated laws for Oil storage.

5. Available in variant shapes and sizes

By now, you must have understood that bunded oil pallets are the kind of investment you need for Hazmat shipping. Now, the question of personalizing bunded pallets to your needs comes in. Research your requirements thoroughly and make a rational decision, afterall, it’s not the kind of investment you make regularly. So take your time and choose wisely.

Not all hazmat shipping needs are the same, but the priority is to meet the right requirement of shape and size and that should not be a problem as there is a huge variety of Bunded Pallets available. Do not rush this decision, and I am sure you will find what you need!

Over to you…

No matter what type of hazmat goods you are shipping, this think-piece should be enough to make you understand why you need oil bunded pallets. This comes in just when you understand how important the safety of your employees, your vehicles, your goods, and your warehouse is.

Initially, it might look like quite an expense, but understand that it is a one-long-time investment so you wouldn’t want to slack off there. Oil pallets are an excellent safety option. And I believe that you must not look at it as a luxury choice, instead see it as a need that will protect you from hazardous spills in the future, saving you time, money and other expenses.