Are JASPER remanufactured engines reliable?

We have been using JASPER engines and transmission for about 8 years and find they are the most reliable and highest quality products on the market.

Are remanufactured engines reliable?

These remanufactured engines are torn down in small factories, where an entire set of crankshaft bearings, piston rings, seals and gaskets, among much else, is installed. If properly done, a remanufactured engine should be as good as a new engine and it should carry a warranty for a year.

Where are JASPER engines made?

Corporate and remanufacturing operations are located in Jasper, Indiana, where the company operates four remanufacturing facilities. Remanufacturing facilities are also located in Crawford County, Indiana (the site of a distribution center as well) and Willow Springs, Missouri.

What is a JASPER rebuilt engine?

A JASPER remanufactured engine is completely cleaned, disassembled, inspected, all components replaced, tested, and meets or often EXCEEDS factory OEM standards and backed by a Nationwide warranty. It may be more affordable but we do not recommend due to your vehicle being back on the road without a warranty.

Who makes the best remanufactured Ford engines?

Powertrain Company is your #1 source for Ford remanufactured engines and transmissions.

Will JASPER rebuilt my engine?

With a quality JASPER® remanufactured engine and professional installation, you can drive away with confidence. That is why JASPER® Engines have a 3 YEAR | 100,000 MILE PARTS & LABOR NATIONWIDE WARRANTY which is transferable so where your engine goes, the JASPER® warranty follows.

How many miles does a remanufactured engine last?

You might not have to worry about the motor in your car for a long time if you do it right. If an engine rebuild is done properly, it can last over 100000 miles! And even just maintaining the vehicle and doing some of the work on its own will help keep that mileage up as well.

How long does a remanufactured engine last?

What is the difference between rebuilt and remanufactured engines?

Remanufactured Engines vs Rebuilt Engines A remanufactured engine is remanufactured to the original blueprints and exact specifications, and is tested to original equipment standards. A rebuilt engine, the repair is done up to the level of failure.

Will Jasper rebuilt my engine?

Are Jasper Engines any good?

Jasper Engines is a great place to work. They offer profit sharing, good starting pay, quarterly bonuses, christmas bonuses. Some are required to work Saturdays but its overtime so it’s ok.

What is the warranty on a Jasper engine?

Every JASPER diesel engine is backed by a nationwide warranty. JASPER diesels receive up to 2 years unlimited mileage warranty coverage. A technical hotline (1-800-827-7455) and 24 hour 7 day emergency warranty information are also available.

Are remanufactured engines any good?

Remanufactured, or reman, GM engines, are designed to be as good as new at a substantially reduced price. This is because a remanufactured engine uses a combination of new and recycled parts. Basically: Old engines (which may have a serious problem) are disassembled. Any obviously damaged or broken parts are scrapped.

What is Jasper diesel engine?

JASPER remanufactures a complete line of domestic and import diesel engines for on-highway, off-road and even industrial equipment applications.