Can I distribute door hangers?

You can distribute door hangers solo, but this can be time-consuming. You can hire a company to complete the distributing, but this can be expensive and will decrease your overall profit margin significantly. However, this could be an option if you need to distribute thousands of door hangers in a short amount of time.

Is putting out door hangers soliciting?

Canvassing, Solicitation, and Door Hangers Door hanger distribution is completely legal for your business according to the Supreme Court. The law distinguishes between canvassing, which is considered protected speech under the First Amendment, and solicitation, which involves direct sales.

What is the success rate of door hangers?

Cost of Door Hanger Distribution It is estimated that any flyer campaign is expected to receive at least a 1% success rate. That is, for every 100 flyers you put out, you’ll get 1 order or new customer. Door hangers are known to receive response rates of 4-5%.

How effective are door hangers for marketing?

In Sonia’s case, door hangers proved to be an efficient and cost-effective marketing tool. During her July “buy one, get one free” offer, she tracked 75 transactions that used the special coupon code she had included on her door hangers — a 7.5% response rate that exceeded her initial goal.

What should be on a door hanger?

To get the most out of door hangers, follow these simple tips:

  • Headlines. Make sure you have a clear, easy to read headline across the front of your door hanger.
  • Both sides. Use the front of your door hanger to get your customer’s attention and use the back to give them more information.
  • Bold colors.
  • Contact info.

Does putting flyers on doors work?

Mailing your flyers is a viable and legitimate way to distribute them without worrying about any laws. What you can’t legally do with the postal service is put your flyers in residential mailboxes without postage or even adhere them to the outside.

How do you make a door hanger effective?

7 Secrets to an Effective Door Hanger Marketing Campaign

  1. Know When to Distribute.
  2. Don’t Make a Good Door Hanger (Make a Great One)
  3. Use Professional Services.
  4. Evaluate Your Target Audience.
  5. Track Your Responses.
  6. Be Ready to Speak.
  7. Keep Door Hanger Marketing Simple.
  8. Go Find New Customers.

Where can I put flyers up legally?

Organizations and businesses that allow you to post flyers include:

  • Coffee shops.
  • Daycares.
  • Banks.
  • Doctor’s offices.
  • Restaurants and bistros.
  • Gas stations.
  • Schools.
  • Churches.

Does door hanger advertising work?

Door hanger advertising is especially effective for services that happen regularly (lawn mowing) or seasonally (HVAC), because you can time their delivery for when the client is most likely to need you. They are less effective for one-off services, such as pool demolition.