Can Indian passport have international address?

(If the address is the same as the Indian address mentioned in your recent Indian passport, Indian address proof is not required, but you are required to provide proof of your current Canadian address).

How do I renew my Indian passport in Houston TX?

Apply online for Reissue of Passport on the govt. of India website and by using the application reference number apply for the same on the VFS Global website. Print the application submitted online on both the websites with receipt(s).

What is consulate general in Houston?

The Consulate General of India, Houston represents the Republic of India with a consular jurisdiction serving Arkansas, Kansas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico, Colorado and Nebraska.

What if there is no permanent address for passport?

You can mention your current address as permanent address. The passport application would be having two different columns , one for permanent address and another for current address. If you do not have any permanent address then you can furnish the currents address itself in the permanent address column.

What address should I put on my passport?

Answer: Your address is not included on the personal data page of your passport. If you are concerned about where the passport will be sent, it is best to send it where you know someone will be present to receive it.

Can I renew my passport 2 years before it expires?

What should I do? A: You can apply for a re-issue of passport up to 1 year before the expiry and not earlier. However, in case of any change of personal particulars, lost/damaged, Exhaustion of pages you may apply for re-issue of passport.

How long does it take to get OCI card in Houston?

Processing Time

Application Center Atlanta Houston
Processing Time For New OCI at Embassy/Consultant & New Delhi For OCI Cards 5-6 Weeks 5-6 Weeks
Processing Time For OCI Reissue 2 Weeks 2 Weeks
Processing Time For PIO to OCI Conversion 2 Weeks 2 Weeks

Who is BLS International Visa and Passport Services Ltd?

BLS International Services Ltd. is an exclusive trusted partner to The Embassy of India / Consulate General of India, UAE which manages the Administrative Function of the Visa and Passport Applications process.

How to contact BLS service center in UAE?

Contact us. BLS International Service Centers are open from 08.00 AM to 08.00 PM – Saturday to Thursday (exception being the Holidays observed by BLS International UAE). New Call Center Number – Abu Dhabi 04 387 5667. Call Center Number (Dubai): 04 387 5777.

Where is the Passport Agency in Houston located?

Physical Address: George Thomas “Mickey” Leland Federal Building 1919 Smith Street, 1st Floor Houston, TX 77002

Where can I get a BLS photo taken?

(Paid Parking facility is available in front and behind the building). “Form Filling, Photograph & Photocopy services are available at all BLS centers. Applicant to wear dark clothes for photograph as per mission requirement.”