Can you get concession on rates?

Concessions are available to eligible pensioners on their council rates, including: $250 on ordinary council rates and charges for domestic waste management services. $87.50 on annual water rates and charges (where the service is provided by council)

How much is a student concession card?

Concession cards have to be activated and valid before the purchase of any concession pass. Only ONE valid concession pass can be used on an individual concession card at any one time….Monthly Concession Pass.

Concession Pass Price
Bus Concession Pass $29.00
Train Concession Pass $26.50
Hybrid Concession Pass* $54.00

What is monthly concession pass?

Monthly Concession Pass Adult Monthly Travel Card holders can purchase the $128 Adult Monthly Travel Pass (AMTP) for one month of unlimited travel on both train and basic bus services (include trunk and feeder services).

What discount do pensioners get NSW?

This includes: $2.50 all day travel with the Regional Excursion Daily ticket on local buses. $2.50 all day travel with the Country Pensioner Excursion ticket for booked NSW TrainLink Regional services. Concession fares when you travel on interstate train service.

What is a concession rate?

A concessionary price is a special price which is lower than the normal one and which is often given to old people, people who are unemployed, and students. [British] There are concessionary rates for students.

What discount do pensioners get on rates?

Eligible pensioners can receive rebates of up to 100% on their rates and charges.

How long is a concession?

A concession contract must be limited in time. The Directive does not provide for a maximum number of years that a concession may last. For concessions lasting more than 5 years, the duration must not exceed the time in which a concessionaire could reasonably be expected to recoup their investment.

How do I replace my student concession card?

Apply for a replacement concession card via the following channels:

  1. Immediate replacement: visit any Concession Card Replacement Office or TransitLink Kiosk.
  2. Online replacement: click here or via the TL SimplyGo app.

Is monthly Travelcard cheaper than contactless?

As a general rule a Travelcard is more expensive than an Oyster card or Contactless payment card. Otherwise an Oyster on a Pay As You Go basis or a Contactless payment card is cheaper. If you are a resident or long-term visitor there are monthly and annual Travelcards.

How does concession card work?

The Concession Opal card is for eligible tertiary or TAFE students, apprentices or trainees, job seekers or other approved Centrelink customers who are entitled to pay half price fares for travel on public transport in Sydney and the surrounding regions.

What can pensioners get for free?

Extra pension payments.

  • Money off your council tax.
  • Help towards hospital travel costs.
  • Free Strictly Come Dancing.
  • Lost pensions or bank accounts.
  • Free eye tests.
  • Free travel.
  • How much money can you have and still get the pension in Australia?

    Assets Test A single homeowner can have up to $588,250 of assessable assets and receive a part pension – for a single non-homeowner the lower threshold is $804,750. For a couple, the higher threshold to $884,000 for a homeowner and $1,100,500 for a non-homeowner.

    How much does it cost to use a concession card in Sydney?

    With a Concession Opal card you can travel as much as you want on metro, train, bus, ferry and light rail services within the Opal network and you never pay more than $8 a day, $25 a week, or $2.80 on Sunday. The Opal week runs from Monday to Sunday. The Sydney Airport station access fee isn’t included in the Daily,…

    Do you have to buy a concession pass?

    Undergraduate Concession Card holders are entitled to purchase monthly concession passes to enjoy unlimited travel on basic buses and train services.

    How do I apply for a concession ticket?

    First check your eligibility and then apply on the Opal website. When travelling on a Concession Opal card you must also carry your proof of entitlement card, otherwise you must pay for an Adult Opal fare using an Adult Opal card, contactless payment or Opal single ticket. If you do not, you may be fined.

    Where can I get a replacement concession card?

    When submitting your replacement concession card application via the TransitLink website or TL SimplyGo app, please provide a valid email address in order to receive the QR code/reference number for the collection of your replacement concession card at the TransitLink Kiosk.