Can you walk around Pepin Island?

Be surrounded by the magnificent views of Tasman Bay, coastal native bush, and the spectacular landscape of a New Zealand sheep station. Enjoy an incredible sightseeing walk and hut stay or a guided farm tour on Pepin Island. Pepin Island is a working sheep farm, surrounded by the sea. …

How long is the Cable Bay walk?

8 km
Cable Bay is 8 km along the road from the turnoff. The walkway is administered and maintained by DOC, though sections of it cross a working farm….

Length 7.9 km one way
Time Required 3 hr one way
Trail Type 4WD road/Walking track
Physical Difficulty Moderate

Can you swim at Cable Bay?

If walking is not your thing, Cable Bay is perfect for water activities: swimming, diving, snorkelling, kayaking, surfing and boating are popular. Some of the best diving and snorkelling is found at the reserve’s northern end, especially near Ataata Point.

Is Pepin Island still for sale?

One of the South Island’s rare private islands has sold to a New Zealand buyer, following a price cut. Pepin Island, which sits north of Nelson in Tasman Bay, is understood to have fetched close to $13.5 million, after three years on the market.

Who owns Pepin Island?

A wealthy German businessman has bought Nelson’s Pepin Island. Tobias Janke, who lives in Auckland, bought the island under the trust Invictus Investment Trustees Limited in May, with the title officially transferring in July. Pepin Island is a 518-hectare property in Nelson’s Cable Bay.

Who owns Pakatoa island?

John Ramsey
Initially purchased in the early 1900s by the Salvation Army as an alcohol treatment centre for women, the island was turned into a holiday resort in 1964, before being bought by its current owner John Ramsey for NZ$4.25 million in 1994 – who uses it β€œfor about two weeks during the Christmas holidays.”

Why is Cable Bay called Cable Bay?

Cable Bay is named after the communication cable that connected New Zealand to the rest of the world for many years. More recently it has been farmed by generations of the Stuart family. Cable Bay was originally named Schroeders Mistake.

Can you visit Pakatoa Island?

Currently an exclusive tourist and conference destination, Pakatoa offers a wide range of possibilities, including recreational activities such as scuba diving, sailing, and deep sea fishing. Pakatoa Island comprises 24 hectares of exclusive island in Aucklands Waitemata Harbour.

How much did Pakatoa island sell for?

The stunning New Zealand island where Oscar winner Russell Crowe once toiled away as a hospitality worker could be yours for a cool $38 million. The 24 hectare Pakatoa Island, just a 15-minute helicopter ride from Auckland, is one of the few islands open to private ownership in The Shaky Isles.

Why is it called Doubtless Bay?

Its chief, Moehuri, named the harbour Mangonui, which means ‘large shark’. In December 1769 Captain James Cook of the ‘Endeavour’ sailed past the entrance to Doubtless Bay, recording in his journal that it was ‘doubtless a bay’, hence the name.

Do people live on Slipper Island?

It’s one of the country’s few private islands – sitting a 15-minute water taxi ride from Tairua in the Coromandel. And while the Coromandel heaves with tourists over the busy summer months, a little treasure sits just off the coast where you’ll find only a dozen or so people on the entire island.

What was the history of Pepin Island and Cable Bay?

Cable bay and Pepin island have a rich and diverse history. From the formation of the bolder banks, Maori wars and European settlement, rescues from shipwrecks, to technological advancements and the cable connecting New Zealand to the rest of the world.

Where is Pepin Island in New Zealand located?

Pepin Island is a privately owned tied island in New Zealand connected by a causeway to the settlement of Cable Bay north-east of Nelson

Is there a sheep station on Pepin Island?

On Pepin Island there is an experience for all. Situated at the end of the naturally formed bolder bank that makes up Cable Bay, connecting the Island to the mainland, only 30 minutes drive from Nelson City. Pepin Island is a working sheep station wintering over 2,000 sheep, and around 100 cattle.

Is the city of Nelson buying Pepin Island?

The mayor of Nelson wants the public to buy back Pepin Island, just as it bought a beach in the Abel Tasman National Park. The view of Cable Bay from Pepin Island. Photo: RNZ / Tracy Neal