Did Superman rip off green arrows arm?

Oliver Queen (formerly known as Green Arrow) was a superhero who was arrested and had his left arm broken off by Superman when he refused to retire.

What happened to green arrows arm in the Dark Knight Returns?

In mid-flight, one of Hyrax’s men reveals himself to be NSA agent Ed Pinkwater. In the midst of arresting the terrorists, a firefight ensues in which all the terrorists die as does Pinkwater. Green Arrow ends up shot, with his hand stuck in a deadman’s switch in the bomb containing the mutagen.

Is Green Arrow a copy of Hawkeye?

George Papp created the Green Arrow, for DC Comics, in 1941 – well over 2 decades before Hawkeye made his first appearance in Marvel’s The Invincible Iron Man. Stan Lee isn’t exactly guilty of copying the Emerald Archer, though, because Lee’s character, Clint Barton, starts out as a super-villain.

What episode does Oliver lose arm?

Oliver appears once again in Legends of Tomorrow, in its sixth episode “Star City 2046”, as a possible 2046 version of the character. This version has a goatee and is missing his left arm with a cybernetic prosthesis, a nod to the portrayal of the character in The Dark Knight Returns and The Dark Knight Strikes Again.

Is there a real life Lian Yu?

Lian Yu (Chinese: 廉隅; pinyin: Lián Yú; Wade–Giles: Lien Yü; born 1886) was a diplomat, politician, judicial officer and lawyer in the Republic of China. He was an important politician during the Reformed Government of the Republic of China and Wang Jingwei regime (Republic of China-Nanjing).

How did Oliver Queen lose his arm in 2046?

Green Arrow to appear in Legends of Tomorrow with full goatee and missing arm. In one version of the comics, Superman amputates Green Arrow’s arm after it gets stuck in a Deadman trap. If Oliver removes his arm, the bomb will go off and will release a deadly mutagen.

Who would win Ironman vs Batman?

If Iron Man doesn’t have his suit, it’d be game over for him. While he isn’t totally incapable of a fight with fisticuffs, Batman is a master in 127 different martial arts. His physical strength is far superior to Tony’s, so if they were to fight without any gadgets or suits, the win would easily go to Batman.

Does Hawkeye run out of arrows?

He did run out of arrows in the first one – or, more accurately, shafts – because his quiver attached arrowheads to the shafts via remote control on his bow. As far as Age of Ultron, Tony makes a remark at one point that he’s suped-up everyone’s uniforms, as evidenced by Cap’s arm magnets and Widow’s electric suit.

Who is still alive from the Green Arrow?

After the wedding of Oliver and Black Canary, Connor resumes the mantle of Green Arrow after it is believed that his father has once more been killed. Along with Dinah and Batman, Connor is one of the few people who believes that Oliver is still alive.

Who are the archenemies of the Green Arrow?

Years later, Merlyn became a mercenary for the League of Assassins and became the archenemy of Green Arrow. Tommy Merlyn and John King are separate characters based on the original Merlyn. Making sport of slaying costumed heroes, the enigmatic Onomatopoeia tried to kill the Arrow family.

What happens when a digital tip is amputated?

When the digital tip is amputated, the geometry of the defect dictates the various treatment possibilities. The loss may be transverse or oblique, with more volar skin loss than dorsal skin loss, or the reverse may be true.

When did the Green Arrow appear in World’s finest?

Green Arrow and Speedy also appeared in various issues of World’s Finest Comics until issue #140 (1964). The Green Arrow and Speedy feature was one of five back-up features to be promoted in one of the earliest team-up books, Leading Comics.