Does Hinata fall in love with Sasuke?

She uses him to fill her Sasuke void, but she doesn’t love him and they’ve only ever been good at being friends. As he matured, he should have realized how his crush wasn’t really based on anything real. After all, he knew she didn’t love him when she tried to ask him out seriously.

Who is better looking Sakura or Hinata?

Hinata. She is definitely the most beautiful in the entire Naruto series, and the best girl. Originally Answered: Who is prettier: Hinata or Sakura? This is purely subjective opinion, but I think Sakura is prettier.

Did Sakura had a crush on Hinata?

5 Naruto Calls Her Beautiful He spends much of the first series with a crush on his friend Sakura while Hinata admires him from afar. In Naruto Shippuden, however, he calls her beautiful for the first time. Hinata spends time on her own training in order to be able to master a skill that would save them later.

Does Sasuke end up liking Sakura?

Even though Sasuke and Sakura do marry, they spend little time together. The longest time they are in the same place as a couple is when Sakura follows him on his atonement. During this, they supposedly fall in love, have Sarada, and get married.

Why did Naruto choose Hinata over Sasuke?

Fans who stayed until the end know that Naruto eventually married Hinata while Sakura ended up with Sasuke, but it certainly did not go without much debate. Here are several reasons why Naruto should’ve chosen Sakura and just as many reasons why Hinata is the one for him.

Do You Love Sakura more than me, Naruto?

“Do You Love Sakura More Than Me?” / Naruto Is Afraid Of Hinata / Konoha Ninja vs. False Akatsuki – YouTube

Why did Sakura and Sasuke get together in Naruto?

Despite Sasuke’s harsh words and attitude toward her, Sakura stayed hopeful that her unrequited feelings would eventually reach Sasuke’s heart. Sakura not only endured rigorous training from Tsunade but also grew stronger, all for the sake of saving Sasuke who had abandoned her and the village.

Who is Sakura Haruno in the Naruto series?

Sakura Haruno is known for her dedicated love to Sasuke, a love that sometimes felt more like an obsession. For a long time, fans were left to wonder if Sasuke would ever return her love.