Golf Clash Mod – Always Perfect Shot (Private Server APK)

Golf is one of the very few sports where you can’t muscle your way to greatness, and because of this reason it is considered as the hardest sport ever. Golf is thought of as the game of the rich and wealthy people. The development of this game for mobile devices allows every Golf enthusiasts to get a fair idea of the skillsets required for this sport. Golf Clash, a game developed by Playdemic, is considered as the best Golf simulation game on both Play Store and App Store. Because of real world like physics and graphics the game has bagged Editors choice award on Google’s Play Store.

Golf is tough and it doesn’t matter whether you play it on a real course or on a 6-inch smartphone screen. For amateur players, it is daunting to learn the basic skill set to even hit the golf ball correctly using the club. For the same reason many players prefer to use Golf Clash Mod to get the initial traction in the game. Being a server-based multiplayer game, Golf Clash cannot be hacked on the players mobile, that is why third-party developers created Golf Clash Private servers. These private servers work in the same manner as other popular private servers like Clash of clans’ FHX server.

The players playing the game hosted on private server enjoy unlimited resources. It takes a long to unlock these resources in the original game. The private servers have no links with the original server and offer varied features for a real time fun and enjoyment.

Golf Clash Mod – Always Perfect Shot (Private Server APK)


Knowing the features of this game is much important because this tough game is not easy to play without practicing the Golf Clash Hack. Following are some of the features of this game:

  1. Compatibility

The very first and the most praised feature of this game is its compatibility with both the Android and iOS. This means that users of Android and iOS devices can play the game on their devices. The user interface on both these devices is easy and simple. You will receive unlimited resources after a few seconds of the start of the game.

  1. Unlimited Money and Gems

Another very attractive feature of the game is unlimited money and unlimited gems which are very important to remain in the game. Golf clash allows the players to use gold coins as the basic currency. All the new clubs and tournaments are unlocked by these gold coins which are limited in the original game. Therefore, people prefer playing the modified version of the game to get unlimited coins. Similarly, there are many clubs in the game that can only be unlocked with the help of gems. To keep the game alive and to unlock premium level clubs, players intend to play a modified version of the game.

  1. Use of Perfect Shot

Perfect shot is one of the most interesting features of this game. The winning percentage in the game largely depends on the accuracy of shots that you play during the game. The shot accuracy of basic clubs is usually low and, therefore, people use unlimited gems to unlock premium clubs to achieve the required accuracy level. While playing the game, you will see always perfect shot option which increases the accuracy of your shots whether you are playing with basic clubs or premium. Here, it is pertinent to mention that using this feature on the mobiles is not easy. This feature ensures the ball to hit the desired place.

  1. All Clubs Unlocked

In the original version of the game only basic clubs are unlocked easily and have low shot accuracy. Thus, the players intend to play a modified version of the game which unlocks all the premium clubs in the beginning. Some of the famous premium clubs that have good shot accuracy are the Hornet, the apocalypse, and the Spitfire. Golf Clash private server gives the facility of all the unlocked clubs which, otherwise, would take a long to unlock. This is because premium clubs are unlocked at certain levels of the game.

  1. Free Club Upgrades

Free Club upgrades are also among those features which people want to have while playing this game. People do not want to let these upgrades go even if they have unlimited gems and coins. The modified version of the game provides free club upgrades and never lets you lag behind in the game.

Versions of Golf Clash Mod

Depending upon their hosting there are two modified versions of Golf Clash Hack. The most famous and commonly played version is based on private servers. This version of the game comes pre-packed with all the resources and the players have to do nothing to unlock these resources. Here, one thing to keep in mind always is that download the apk file from some trusted source because latest Golf Clash Hack apk 2019 is available through different links.

The second version of the file is based on some patches that are useful for modification in the game. This means that in this version of the game all the required modifications are done manually. The lucky patch in the game takes control of AndroidManifest.xml file and modifies it. Here, it is also pertinent to mention that this modification in AndroidManifest.xml file may also be possible on rooted devices. In certain cases, there is no need to root the device to modify the file.

Download and Install

Golf Clash Mod is available both for Android and iOS devices. You have to search for a credible source to download the file. The best place to download this modified file is Golf Clash Private Server that provides a fully featured game. Here, one thing worth mentioning is that downloading and installation both on Android and iOS devices will require changes in security settings of the device. You will have to check the box enabling the device to accept a download from unknown sources. After the download completes, you can proceed with installation by clicking the APK file. You will find all the resources unlocked after a few seconds of the start of the game.

There are many players who like to download and install the lucky patch version to change the game settings according to their needs.

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